Warren Knight | Coaching

Warren knew at an early age that he could sell. But it wasn’t until he started his business at 22 did he realise what a vital skill it is. He then went on to achieve $1 million sales in one month. Not bad for a former hip hop dancer.

But he also realised that to be truly successful entrepreneur, he needed to be more ‘rounded’ and to have more than one skill in the toolbox. Since then, he’s spent years working with the best coaches and mentors in the business in order grow his skillset.

Having built two companies and growing to £100,000+ revenue in less than 12 months and one of those companies being valued at £1 Million in less than two years.

Warren now shares this knowledge in his 1-2-1 coaching sessions, which are designed to help start-ups and SMEs drive growth through better sales and marketing strategies.

His coaching talents have seen him recognised as a Top 10 UK SME Coach and Top 10 Business Advisor.


Why Work with Warren?

* Review your business and complete a diagnostic

* Define the business value proposition

* Take a fresh look at where sales opportunities exist

* Website, content and unique landing page review

* Create a breakthrough Go-To-Market strategy.

* Establish a sales and marketing plan for the next 12 month

* Motivate your team to achieve more with the same resources

* Set Goals and Build KPI’s

* Apply and measure your growth strategy

What others say

  • “You get the sense after discussing your 'small business' with warren for an hour that you are about to embark on something new, innovative and rewarding delivered by a no-nonsense coach and mentor.”

    Justina Ilochi - Lead Inspector of Schools

  • "Warren has been very helpful and has given us a honest view of how we were marketing our business. He gave us a new strategy and a roadmap to follow. Our sales have increased by 20% in last 6 months and our investors are very happy. Warren is also a great guy at a personal level."

    Gursaant Singh - Owner of StreamMarket

  • "Deep and meaningful knowledge of Social Media is rare to find but Warren is an expert in his field, and truly understands his subject in the context of the wider marketing mix. He is a pleasure to work with and always looks to add value to our business."

    Richard Brenkley - Director Digital at Centigrade

  • “I’ve worked with Warren on several projects now and I think he is a knowledgeable, very focused and inspiring person to have on your team. He’s also a genuinely warm and friendly guy who takes time to listen to you.”

    Gary Marshall - Senior Creative / Art Director at Michon Ltd