Stream Market: Multichannel Ecommerce Technology Business


Gursaant Singh, Director of Stream Market; A multi-channel eCommerce solution worked with Warren Knight through the Growth Voucher Initiative. Gursaant visited the Growth Voucher market website and approached three different companies, one of them being Advantage Business Partners where Warren Knight is a business growth consultant. After meeting Warren earlier this year, Gursaant used his Growth Voucher with Warren.


When asked about his problem by Growth Vouchers when applying for it, his biggest issue was around his marketing and business structure. Stream Market was founded in 2009 and in the last two years has leaned towards software development as a service. Gursaant needed help with his sales, marketing and website building and after a phone conversation with Warren, he knew that because of Warren’s eCommerce and Marketing experience, he was the right person to work with.


The first meeting with Warren was about giving him an idea of where Stream Market was at and to highlight what was needed to move the business forward. Warren knew that the website was not telling the right message for the business which soon lead to re-branding and user experience changes. Gursaant wanted to appoint a telemarketing company and did this soon after working with Warren, with his input in the decision process.

The next step for Gursaant was understanding his target market so that the website was portraying the right message.

Gursaant then approached agencies in the UK, from a user interface perspective to work with. Before working with Warren, Steam Market was working on a B2C basis and this soon turned into a B2B as well.

Warren also worked extensively with Gursaant on their sales and marketing strategy and website positioning along with search engine optimisation, where Gursaant then hired an SEO team with the advice of Warren.


After working with Warren, Stream Market has seen a 40% increase in sales, team has grown from 4 to 11 and has given Gursaant the mindset he needed to take the business forward in a targeted way. With Warrens input, Gursaant has been attending events specific to his industry to build his business contacts and ultimately increasing sales. The next step for Stream Market is to tackle the online world of Social Media.


I would, without a doubt recommend Warren to anyone who wants to build their business and increase sales. Warren has helped me look at my business more positively and with his extensive experience in eCommerce, I feel more confident about what the future holds for Stream Market. Warren was not shy to point out what was wrong and that was what we needed to move forward with the business. I have already been recommending Warren to business connections, as well as the Growth Voucher Scheme as without it, I would be in the same place I was before working with Warren.