Virtual Digital Leadership Masterclass

Taking his passion for helping people to Think #Digital First, Warren designs bespoke virtual digital transformation and digital leadership Masterclasses that is designed to help current and future leaders adapt to the challenges of a fast-paced digital environment. It will equip you with the skills needed to lead yourself, and then translate that knowledge into leading others and forming effective team collaboration. His vision is to, by 2035, help 1,000,000 leaders globally build a workplace based on culture, community, and technology for generation Alpha.


Over the three days, delegates will develop and solidify their personal knowledge of being an agile leader, with a focus on change management and customer journeys, delivered through instruction and team-based exercises. They will explore case studies from globaly businesses, the full breadth of a leader’s responsibilities in delivering transformation from an agile leadership perspective. Metrics will be identified to enable them to track the creation of value and the successful delivery of their organization’s plan for the future, with a focus on the future of work.

For 15-years Warren has trained thousands of business people from ambitious start-ups to corporate high flyers. His energy and dynamic approach keeps a room engaged for seven hours a day and the results speak for themselves. After training with Warren you will:

  • discover how to innovate in a volatile market now and into the future
  • learn to monitor and mould their own behavior, developing their own awareness of how it affects others
  • discover how to accelerate personal development and achieve peak performance whilst increasing DigitalIQ
  • develop the skills needed to create a workspace that motivates team members to give their best, becoming adept at providing feedback and having difficult conversations
  • learn how-to cultivate high-performing teams in an agile organization
  • understand how to take control of their company’s digital direction
  • develop the ability to work smarter and make resources go further
  • explore ways of overcoming resistance to change
  • build skills in creating compelling and relevant messages, as well as displaying impactful leadership presence
  • expand their communication capacity for motivating and inspiring people, successfully connecting organizational vision, strategy and execution
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What others say

  • "Warren is a fantastic trainer on corporate digital transformation. I had the pleasure of being a participant in a 3-day workshop where he was the lead facilitator! His ability to carry cross-functional teams and get everyone on the same page even on complex topics was amazing. He ensured all the sessions were fun, relatable and engaging to drive the points home. Warren is a valuable consultant to any company seeking to transition in the digital world!"

    Stella Arithi - Muema - Senior Manager of Media & Digital at Safaricom PLC

  • "I had the pleasure of attending Digital Transformation training facilitated by Warren exposing us to emerging technologies and how to apply digital innovations.

    The mode of delivery was engaging, fun and definitely memorable with use cases that are real to the context of the company. I highly recommend anyone keen on learning more in areas of Agile digital leadership, emerging technologies and digital customer journey to consider working with him.

    Thank you Warren and wishing you all the best!"

    Alice Muchugia - Senior HR Shared Services Manager at Safaricom PLC

  • "It was great having you train us at Safaricom on digital transformation. Your grasp of innovation, digital tools, leadership agility, digital customer engagement among other topics was impeccable. Looking forward to another refreshing session with you as I implement what I took away from the training."

    Vincent Opiyo - FCCA

  • "Warren Knight is a Digital Leadership coach and Digital Transformation strategist, with whom I recently got the chance to attend a three day workshop on Innovation & Digital Transformation.
    Warren's approach to transforming how we view disruptive technology is to empower individuals to reach their business objectives; and as a result, build stronger companies through digital leaders and more engaged communities.
    I have already recommended him for some companies in Oman."

    Mohammed – Oman Tel

  • "Since starting my new business I have experienced many obstacles and challenges. The main challenge for me has been understanding digital marketing I have previously been given expensive guidance which left me without the knowledge I needed and feeling frustrated and lacking confidence.

    I then found Warren Knight and his "digital leadership course” this course was eye opening and educational. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about digital marketing.

    Warren’s personal support during the course and professional course material were exceptional and so valuable to my learning, knowledge and success."

    Wendie – Business Owner

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed Warren's Digital Leadership course. Great insights, delivered in an enabling and engaging fashion.
    So many things to take back and implement, for both my business and myself.

    Chris Brown - Award-winning Digital Innovator and Disruptor

  • "Signing up for Warren’s Digital Marketing course has been such a great decision for me and my business and well worth the investment. Warren is so knowledgeable and passionate about this subject. The weekly webinars were jam-packed with content, top tips, useful tools, processes to follow.

    However, the real value for me was the one to one time with Warren. He took the time to understand each of the participants' businesses and quickly identified ways to help us all apply all our learnings to our specific business challenges. I am already starting to see the results with new leads and much greater engagement on my social media platforms. I now not only have a strategy in place for marketing my own business but can use all that I’ve learned to help my clients with their online marketing too.

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out or feeling a bit overwhelmed with Digital Marketing. If you are prepared to invest the time, working with Warren will give you the tools, knowledge and the confidence to take your business to the next level and beyond."

    Sandra - Business Owner

  • "Amazing course!!!

    I thought I knew a bit about digital marketing but Warrens digital course superseded my expectations. I realised there was a lot I didn’t know. Countless tips for useful sites and ideas to consider which Warren has used. Breaking each week down into the 10 steps was essential as the content is huge. I do like how Warren also included 121 coaching each week to personalise the experience and answer any specific questions. I think this course would benefit business owners and those wishing to have a greater knowledge of digital marketing. Even if you don’t do it all understanding what’s required is essential- you can always outsource parts of it.

    He has written some great books on the subject which he kindly gave to us at the end of the mastermind experience where all the course delegates came together to share challenges and ideas.
    5-star recommendation and I don’t give many of them"

    Gordon - Business Owner

  • "I decided to do Warren’s course to educate myself on the world of digital marketing. I had listened to a few of his webinars over the past few years and appreciated his way of presenting and the information he shared.

    I found the course to be packed with relevant information and Warren’s delivery to be clear and concise.

    For my business it now means I know how to better spend my time and money on digital marketing, which platforms to use, what not to do, rather than doing digital marketing without a solid real strategy.

    Additionally, as my business grows, the course has empowered me to know what questions to ask of those I may choose to outsource aspects of digital marketing to and also know what to expect from them and what is good quality work. It has been a good education and given me a foundation to work from.

    The 1 to 1 coaching sessions was insightful and made a real difference. They enabled me to get feedback on the implementation actions of the previous week coursework relating to my business directly, once I had completed them, to see if I had done it right or if it needed re-working. This was great as at times I thought I had done something right only to realise on the coaching call that I had not or that I could significantly improve it.

    Warren is great to work with. I find him to be genuine, with a wealth of knowledge, sharing what is pertinent but not overwhelming, and a desire to help those he works with to succeed.

    All in all a great experience and I would recommend working Warren Knight if you want to learn and improve your business's digital marketing."

    Dhriti - Business Owner

  • "I recently attending a 3-day Digital Leadership course delivered by Warren and found it incredibly useful, inspiring and thought provoking.

    Warren's knowledge, experience and delivery was first-class. The takeaways from the course will prove most valuable to my work over the next two or three years.

    Warren created the perfect balance between learning, conversations and discovery.

    What a genial lovely guy too!!"

    Adrienne Topping - Group Brand & Marketing Communications Manager at Sharp Business Systems UK Plc

  • "Warren exudes 100 percent energy and passion for digital leadership.
    His insights and seamless facilitation stimulates great syndicate discussions and generates the spark for the engine of innovative thinking.
    The immense paradigm shift I have undergone since participating in the course Warren led has created endless possibilities of digital transformation, supported by solid models for change. I have been lucky to meet cutting-edge thinkers in their field during my career, and Warren hits top spot, entirely in a class of his own.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the confidence, Warren - you've written a solid intro to many people's digital stories - thank you!"

    Rob Taylor - General Manager and Digital Leader at Pym & Wildsmith (Metal Finishers) Limited

  • "I have just completed a Digital Leadership training course with Warren as the tutor and I have to say, what a great and inspiring tutor and guy!
    Very engaging content with a good mix of theory and practical, and a brilliant facilitator.
    I have come alway from the training with not only lots of ideas and tools to support my business and but for how to build my own personal brand in the digital space."

    Stephanie Birch - Group Executive Director Female Board Member Transformation Leader at NOCN Group

  • I will never hesitate attending Warren speeches or workshops.

    The three days I have attended have opened my eyes to another world.

    Thanks a lot dear Warren and wish you all success.

    Zaher Al-Kharusi - Manager - Credit Card Payment Systems at Bank Muscat