Jane Means: UK Brand doing Training and Selling Online & Wholesale


Jane Means; Gift wrapping specialist, attended a tradeshow called Top Draw in London where she saw all of Warren Knight’s social media and digital marketing seminars and was impressed with the information he had shared. With a notepad filled with great tips and tools, Jane found Warren really inspirational and knew he was the person to help her stay up to date with all the latest social media tips and tricks.

Jane first attended Warren’s social media & digital marketing masterclass in central London and knew she needed someone to help her stay focused on what was important to her business.


After attending the day course with Warren, Jane then became one of Warren’s Growth Accelerator clients. Jane had just launched a book deal and had a lot on her plate and needed someone who could help her prioritise.

Jane worked with Warren specifically focused on growing sales and through 1-to-1 mentoring sessions where Warren would help Jane assess her current website and social media marketing campaigns. Overall business decisions needed to be made and Warren was there to offer guidance and support in making these decisions along with mobile marketing and sales & marketing campaigns.


After working with Warren, Jane knew that she had too much on her plate and decided to hire a salesperson that could relieve some of the day-to-day stress. Jane has seen overall growth, but more specifically, 200% growth in social media following, 300% increase in sales and a dramatic increase in revenue, seeing £12,000 worth of sales in June 2014.


I would absolutely recommend Warren. He is a breath of fresh air and someone who not only helps you reach your goals, but someone who will provide you with honest feedback and so much knowledge especially in social media. Warren is an inspiration and someone that I have definitely enjoyed working with and would recommend him to anyone who needs that extra push to make their business grow.