Chi Chi Boutique: High-street and Online Retailer


Jo Mason; founder of Chi Chi Boutique met Warren through a mutual friend who saw him speak at a trade show and had already built a connection with. After reading up on some of the blogs on his website and testimonials that had been written, Jo thought Warren was something Chi Chi Boutique needed to move forward.

Jo started off running Chi Chi Boutique alongside her job in the city but was made redundant and then decided that her sole focus was to be her women’s fashion & accessories business.


Jo started working with Warren in January 2014 and is still working with Warren on a consultancy basis, helping Jo create an online presence without all the hassle of hiring a permanent staff member. Jo knew that building an online presence for her business to grow was crucial and choosing to work with Warren was not only a business choice, but a personal one too.

After looking at ways of bringing down the cost of online marketing and building an online store, Warren and Jo began their professional journey.


Warren gave Jo all the necessary tools she needed ranging from social media to email marketing and paid advertising to help reduce the cost of the business while increasing online sales.

Warren helped Jo set up all of her online marketing along with separate tools that helped her manage everything by herself. As the website was already built, Jo and Warren’s focus was to get more people visiting the site and worked on a step by step plan working through SEO, social media marketing and email marketing.


After working with Warren Knight for since January, Jo saw a 25% month-by-month increase in social media activity especially when looking at how many new subscribers she has acquired. There was also a 46% increase in sales and a 25% increase in visitors, which Jo wants to increase as she continues to work with Warren, focusing on SEO. Chi Chi Boutique’s success is an ongoing process however the shop is now more of a brand and not just a boutique – its now a destination.

All of the tools Warren shared with Jo have helped her manage her business, all by herself in the most efficient way possible and without working with Warren; this would have been an uphill battle.


“I would massively recommend Warren to anyone who is looking to take their business online who wants to go through not only a business journey, but a personal one too. All of the tools Warren has shared with me have been invaluable and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Warren. He is very easy to work with and straight to the point... He definitely knows what he is doing!”