The Business of Speaking

The Business of Speaking

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Welcome to my latest podcast!

In this episode I talk to Sarah Archer who runs the Speaker Club podcasts. Sarah has a fascinating background – she has authored two business books, is a published, international playwright and for anyone planning to be in Edinburgh in August 2018 you can catch Sarah playing Lilly Langtry in a new play ‘The Amours of Lilly Langtry’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. She is a huge Marvel Superhero Film fan and is also pretty impressed by the works of Shakespeare.

During the podcast, I talk to Sarah about the “important business” of my time as a hip-hop dancer and how that led to the other ventures I have pursued in my career. We also discuss, what I have learned during my time as a business owner and how each step has led me to where I am today. I also talk about the role speaking has played in my career and how I now harness the power of different forms of speaking to build my brand and drive revenue.

What you’ll learn in The Business of Speaking –

  • Three tips for avoiding failure in your business
  • How speaking can form the centrepiece of your business
  • How you can source material for your presentations.
  • How I use ‘pillars’ to keep the audience engaged
  • The difference between how you approach platform speaking vs keynote speaking
  • The difference between webinars and straight public speaking
  • Why LinkedIn is a great tool for speakers and how you should use it to get more speaking gigs
  • Why and how you should optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Why you should have a business model on the back end of your speaking.

Have a listen to the podcast here




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