Building A Social Media Strategy

The Beginners Guide To Building A Social Media Strategy

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Did you know that 85% of successful marketers deliver content on a regular basis?

As you may know, one of my biggest business passions and revenue drivers is delivering keynote seminars at events and tradeshows across the world.

I have various partnerships with industry-specific events, and one in particular created a podcast out of one of my keynote seminars.

International Jewellery London and I have had a very close relationship for a number of years, and since the beginning of this year, I have been their chief Social Media editor content contributor and keynote speaker.

IJL talks, an inspirational and educational podcast bringing you industry insights as well as tips and tricks on all things marketing and trends uploaded my talk in audio form to audioBoom.

I have found that start-ups and small jewellery brands and retailers are often so focused on getting their product and brand prepared for sales that they neglect the unfamiliar, yet vital, area of social media and therefore lose a massive opportunity to build brand awareness.

The podcast is a 90-minute step-by-step workshop designed to help you set up, and establish a digital presence.

In this 90-minute “building a Social Media Strategy” workshop, I will cover the following:

  • Learn my winning formula to creating a Social Media campaign that works
  • Understand why being “niche” market focused wins business
  • Defining your brand value proposition
  • Learn what makes the perfect landing page copy
  • What 67% of your potential customer are thinking about
  • How ONE action can increase lead generation by 200%
  • Define your tone of voice
  • Create engaging visuals for your campaign
  • How to automate your campaign content
  • Set goals, objectives and measure success

If you are still unsure about the power of Social Media, here are a few statistics that share the importance of Social Media:

  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases
  • More than 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform.
  • 90% of marketers said that social media is important to their businesses.
  • Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic

I always love talking at International Jewellery London, and I always have people reach out to me on Twitter to say that they were not able to make the talk. With this podcast, you can catch up on all of the important information around building a Social Media strategy for your business!

You can watch the podcast below:


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