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Business Connections Live: Why Your Small Business Will Fail By 2020

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Welcome to the latest piece of content in the Podcast section on my website!

Throughout 2018, I have been a part of various podcasts and interviews on live tv, radio stations and well-known podcast programs.

I know that it can be hard to watch/listen to something live, so I wanted to create a podcast option on my website so that you can find all of the great content I have been a part of, and watch at your own convenience.

The latest piece of podcast content I want to share with you was with Steve Hyland at The Business Connections Live studio.

I first met Steve many years ago, and did a small segment for Business Connections Live at The Business Show. Following on from this, Steve invited me to be a part of one of their 60-minute live shows, which was great and I spoke about the first edition of Think #Digital First.

Steve and the team at Business Connections Live reached out to me a couple of weeks ago, and invited me back onto the show which of course; was something I jumped at the chance of being a part of.

We spoke briefly, and I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about, and share with their audience. I first spoke about this topic in an article on Think Digital First, and wanted to give more of an insight into the “why”.

I came across an infographic created by BM Interior Management which states that 80% of companies are still in the early stage of digital transformation and if they “ignore this” their business loses 30% of its value, and within five years will end up bankrupt.

As a Digital Transformation coach, I found that statistic quite worrying for small businesses, and wanted to share this, and help small businesses understand the importance of a Digital Transformation, and why avoiding this, may mean your business will not survive past 2020.

On this edition of Business Connections Live with Steve Hyland, I take you through the importance of a Digital Transformation, as well as how to do your industry and competition research, understand your target audience and create a strategy that is consistent with your online message.

I am also going to be talking about the second edition of Think #Digital First and why I wrote a second edition.

Here is what we cover:

  • Connecting with niche audiences and how to stay relevant
  • The importance of owning your “digital assets”
  • How brands must nurture their database to win more business
  • How to develop the mindset of always thinking “sale sale sale”
  • The importance of building brand advocates for awareness at zero cost
  • What to do today to get prepared for success


  • An understanding around developing a unique “tone of voice” online
  • Why brand consistency both online and offline builds trust
  • What technology will help you save time and stay focused on working “on” your business
  • A 5-step online sales methodology to achieve success through sales
  • A top tip that will turn customers into massive brand advocates
  • One action that will guarantee your business will not fail by 2020 (if applied on a daily basis).

If you would like to watch this 70-minute tv program, you can do so below!

I would love to hear your thoughts around the Business Connections Live interview, and what you would like to see more of, from me in the future.


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