How To Write A Book And Self-Publish A Second Version

How To Write A Book And Self-Publish A Second Version

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I remember the day I first decided that I wanted to write a book.

At first, I felt quite overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go through this journey. This was back in 2011 and because I new that I wanted to increase my knowledge so I first decided to write three eBooks.

I wrote about using Social Media to grow an SME, building your SME globally and proven sales techniques for SME’s.

Whilst this was great because it gave me an understanding of releasing content, I knew that my end goal was to release a physical book.

Fast forward to 2014. I was ready to write a book. Of course, this was daunting, but after months of hard work; Think #Digital First was released.

Without giving too much away, the first edition of Think #Digital First was a complete success. This was because of the strategy I had behind the way in which I could niche-market the book.

Since writing the second edition of Think #Digital First, and releasing this just a few months ago, I was approached by The Extraordinary Business Book Club. This was to speak with Alison Jones on their podcast about writing a book, and going through the process of self-publishing a second book.

About The Extraordinary Business Book Club

The Extraordinary Business Book Club is aimed at leaders of businesses who have something distinctive to say. They showcase extraordinary books and those that make a particular impact in their field, or demonstrate a new and innovative approach to how they work alongside business.

Their ideology is to delve deep into the mindset of an author and go “under the hood” around the process of writing a book.

This was a very different podcast for me. If you are looking at writing a book, or want to understand how best to market yourself as an author, this will be a great podcast for you.

To give you a better understanding around the podcast, and what I share, here is a quote from me:

‘I wanted to tell my story… all of these stories of closing doors, turning over 30 million dollars.

All of those stories that I needed to put down in a book, but it needed to have a purpose and a goal… I was doing a lot of coaching, working with businesses.

And the thing that they kept saying was, “Oh, Warren, I know I really need to be thinking digital first with what I’m doing, with my business. I have a great offline business but how can I take it online?”

So their thinking needs to shift.

“We’ve got a good business and we know what we do well, but my thinking needs to be about what we can do from an online perspective.”

And I came out of having a meeting and I went, “That’s it.” I’d written it down three times in three different meetings. I went, “That’s the title of the book…. I now know what my purpose is, I know where it needs to start.

And now I know where it needs to finish.”

If you would like to listen or read more, you can do so here.


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