I Let AI Design My Logo… See What Happens Next

I Let AI Design My Logo… See What Happens Next

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According to Gartner, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

Since the end of 2016, I have been keeping a close eye on Artificial Intelligence, and the advances that are being made in machine technology. This is the second AI-focused article I have written over the last two months because I find it absolutely fascinating, and interesting to see how customer interactions will change.

According to a report by Economist Intelligence, 75% of businesses executives in the study said that AI will be implemented in their companies over the next three years and 79% believe that Artificial Intelligence will make their job easier, and more efficient.

Throughout my career as a digital entrepreneur, I have gone through three branding re-designs and this can take a very long time going back and forth between various people in my business, and then reaching out to designers to create the look and feel that you want. The last rebrand cost me £4,500 just for the design and then I had to get the website built and arrange marketing material. The whole process cost me about £10,000 and took about 6 months from start to finish.

What if AI technology do something like design your logo for you, and remove all of the struggles we have as business owners when we do go through a rebranding?

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to allowing AI to design your branding but before I talk about this, I do want to share with you something very new and innovative that was created by developer Jack Qiao.

Jack had previously created a tool that helped pair fonts, but now he has gone one step further with this new tool called Brandmark which uses artificial intelligence to create brand identity.

It works by submitting the following information:

1. Company name & tagline


2. 3 keywords that define your business

AI - Keywords

3. Picking a logo option

AI - Artificial Intelligence Logo

4. Choosing a colour scheme

AI - Colour Scheme

5. Picking a font

AI - Business Font

After submitting the above information, you then get presented with a selection of high-quality visuals that include your logo and tagline.

The below visual shows the Warren Knight AI-designed logo on a potential business card, in a nice and professional format.

AI - Business Card

The below visual shows the designed logo on a billboard-type advertisement.


And finally, below is how the logo looks visually on a phone.

AI - iPhone

You are given so many other visually displayed ways your logo can be used, but I just wanted to share three of them with you, so that you can understand how high-quality it looks.

Here are two advantages to using AI for this type of business need.

1. Great Starting Point

If you are cash-poor, and want to get your business off the ground, this type of technology will be your best friend. It is a great starting point for so many businesses who don’t have the resources to work with a designer.

2. It’s Convenient

It takes no longer than five minutes to create the designs. To me, this is extremely time-effective, especially when I look at how long it has taken me to create logo’s and branding with designers in the past.

This type of technology shows the advances we are making in AI, however, there are some disadvantages to using this type of format to create your logo.

1. It’s Generic

All of the logos that are given as an option, are icons that are all over the internet, which means that you will likely end up with a similar (or even exact) logo as someone else, especially if they use this type of technology.

2. Relevancy

Do the logo options relate to your business? You might find the perfect option, but using a tool to help you do this, does remove the human side of design creation which does bring into question how relevant the logo will be, and whether it will relate to your business and your customers.

Qiao is obviously aware of the above negatives, and he said the following in a blog post:

“Ultimately logo design is a very subjective field where nuance and attention to detail is important. Convolutional neural nets probably won’t replace designers in the near future, but does open the door to new tools that can democratize the design process and make it a lot more accessible to everyone.”

I love that AI is moving forward, and providing great innovation and I am excited to see how this will progress over the next few years.

Please tweet me at @WarrenKnight, as I’d love to see how AI has designed your logo.


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