How Coaches, Speakers Or Trainers Can Save Time Using Social Media

How Coaches, Speakers Or Trainers Can Save Time Using Social Media

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I have been a coach, speaker and digital transformation expert for the last eight years, and there does come a time when it can be difficult to keep up with clients, whilst also managing other areas of a work life.

I was invited on to The Big World Living Show as part of their Coach On Fire radio network to speak with Patsy McGlynn.

Coach On Fire radio is all about transformational coaches, authors, and thought leaders sharing their personal stories, resources, and actionable strategies to ignite your life and business.

Patsy McGlynn has over 20 years’ experience in coaching, corporate learning and personal development. She has successfully coached CEOs and Directors of blue chip companies, female entrepreneurs and women escaping corporate life.

Because my focus over the last 10 years has been the small business sector, it was a great way for me to shed some light on how speakers, trainers or coaches can actually benefit from Social Media in the same way that an industry-specific small business can.

During the radio show with Patsy, I talk about the following:

1. How Coaches Can Save Time Using Social Media

As we know, Social Media can be time consuming so I share in this radio show exactly how as a coach, you can save time using Social Media so you can focus on your clients, and making important sales.

2. Winning New Business

To be a successful coach, trainer or speaker; winning new business is key. I will share with you five of the best tools that can help you win new business.

3. The Importance of Being Online

We often find that because we deliver training offline, that we can actually forget the importance of being online. Understanding why NOT being online will lose business is something I talk a lot about in the radio show.

If you would like to listen to the radio show, you can do so here.


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