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LinkedIn Report Shows It Is The #1 System To Get Clients

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Did you know that 41% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn is THE MOST important social network?

Throughout a working week, I receive around 3-5 emails from company executives sharing their latest infographics, visuals, studies and case studies. I will then decide to share some of them with you, that are relevant and this article is no different.

I was sent an email from Liam Austin; co-founder of EntrepreneursHQ sharing a study that identifies a new way to get clients from LinkedIn, with statistical evidence.

This new report suggests there is a reliable LinkedIn system for generating new leads and clients and this LinkedIn report is 21 pages long, analysed over 9 months of independent research and interviews with over 2,000 business owners.

The reason I want to share this with you today is because I had a read through the cliff notes associated to the three hour live training they delivered on this LinkedIn report, and found some very interesting statistics that I wanted to share with you.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, found that LinkedIn is the industry’s most popular social network, and that a majority of marketers believe it to be the most effective social media platform.

Kissmetrics also identified that LinkedIn is the best lead generation tool with over 80% of leads generated through social media coming from LinkedIn. DemandWave also supported the below LinkedIn report findings.

LinkedIn Report

LinkedIn Messaging

Replicon found that LinkedIn messages generate 11x better response rate than any other social messaging method. Social Media Examiner also discovered that LinkedIn is the best place to engage, and Regalix shared the below image based on channels found to be most effective for customer engagement.

LinkedIn Report

The above statistics are just a few that I found most interesting out of the 98-page report. So; what did I learn? And more importantly; what can you take away from this?

What I Learnt From The Study

I learnt that the key to converting, and generating leads is to personalise all messages sent through LinkedIn.

They also shared the statistic that only 44% of companies have a defined target customer. If you don’t know who you’re targeting on LinkedIn; how can you increase leads and sales?

If you would like to read the full, detailed report which I have referenced throughout this article, you can do so here.

Where To Go From Here

I will be running a LIVE and FREE 1 hour certified webinar, where I will take you through my 6 step checklist to generate 3 hot leads over the next 7 days using LinkedIn without SPENDING A PENNY.

I have over 10,000 connections, 265 long-form posts and over 12,000 content followers on LinkedIn, and have personally achieved a 5-figure income from the strategic use of LinkedIn.

This EXCLUSIVE certified webinar will share with you my PROVEN step-by-step process to drive more connections, leads and sales through the strategic use of LinkedIn as a small business.

I GUARANTEE that at the end of this one hour webinar, you will have the growth formula to a winning 6 figure business on LinkedIn.


  • My Six step formula to building your profile and generating leads
  • Build your LinkedIn network with 500 QUALITY business connections
  • Generate 1 Lead Per Day
  • How to find potential customers using LinkedIn’s search functionality
  • Get to the top of LinkedIn for your specific keywords in less than 60 seconds
  • Utilise all of LinkedIn’s features to put you one step ahead of your competition
  • How to share targeted and relevant industry information
  • Learn 3 SECRET LinkedIn features you didn’t know about
  • The Do’s, and don’ts of your profile image
  • Design and implement a networking strategy for success

All I ask for is 60 minutes of your time so I can help you master LinkedIn to grow your business, and be a success on LinkedIn. You can sign up for this webinar here.


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