Top 3 UK Digital Marketing Influencer

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Thank you to Career Experts for naming me a Digital Marketing Influencer worth following.

I remember the first award I won many years ago and how amazing that felt. To this day, I still feel the same every time I get nominated, recognised, or win an award for my work as a social media and business growth expert within the small business industry.

When I got a Google Alert (yes… I still use this tool after all these years) to say that I had been mentioned in an article written by Career Experts, I wasn’t quite sure what it would be about. It wasn’t until I saw the title of the article, and read the list that I realised I had been given the accolade as the 3rd best UK digital marketing influencer to follow online.

Career Experts said the following in their article;

“We’ve rounded up 18 of the top digital marketing influencers in the UK that you should be following to keep up with best practices and innovation in the industry.

These digital marketing influencers have plenty of experience and really know what they are talking about. Both business leaders and industry professionals can certainly learn a lot from their expert advice so start following them today and see how they can help you maximise your marketing success!”

I would like to say a huge thank you to Career Experts for giving me recognition in their list, and I would also like to congratulate everyone else who had been also recognised in that list including Lilach Bullock who I have known for many years, Tim Hughes, Tony Wood, Dave Chaffey, Kevin Gibbons, Rob Tyson and everyone else recognised as a UK Digital Marketing influencer.

One of the reasons why I was chosen as a top UK Digital Marketing influencer is because of the content I share online, and the downloads/guides I offer to my audience as a resource to help them LEARN, CONNECT and GROW a socially-savvy small business.

To help you get your business ready for 2017, I have a free Digital Marketing Guide that will help you foolproof your business online. This download includes the following;

  • Why Digital Marketing is so important for your business: why you can achieve success online through the strategic use of digital marketing.
  • Content Marketing secrets: the best types of content to share online to give you the greatest ROI.
  • The importance of Social Media: the best practices when it comes to using Social Media for your business online.
  • Digital Marketing plan: an in-depth overview of how to create a Digital Marketing Plan for your business in 2017.

My Digital Marketing Guide will also cover SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and much, much more.

If Digital Marketing is important to your business, you can download my guide here.


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