Networking Expert Interviews Social Media Evangelist About The Future

Networking Expert Interviews Social Media Evangelist About The Future

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Networking Expert Interviews Social Media Evangelist About The Future

To stand out, put YOURSELF at the front of your brand. – Warren Knight

Twice a year, I speak at The Business Show. I have been speaking at this specific event for about 8 years now, and over the course of the 8 years, I have built great business connections.

There are always certain stands that I go to visit to say hi, and people that I want to connect with. This year was no exception when I went to see Rob Brown, Founder of The Networking Coaching Academy.

The Networking Coaching Academy is a global networking training resource to help business people build strong networks and profit from their most powerful connections for more sales, better career opportunities and greater influence.

I actually went to say hi, ask how the show was going and to give Rob his Christmas card so I was very excited when he asked if he could interview me.

See the video of the interview below;

I won’t break down the interview for you, as you can watch it but I do want to expand on a few of the comments I made.

Firstly, when I mention that the social media landscape is “ever changing” I truly mean that. This interview was recorded on the 4th December, and in just two weeks we have seen some crucial updates from both Facebook and Twitter. Did you know you can now call an Uber without leaving Facebook Messenger? Did you know that Twitter have improved the way photo’s are displayed, and have launched a new feature called Twitter Moments? Probably not. This has all happened in the last week. Stay as “in the know” as possible when it comes to social media because it will help you when it comes to marketing your business online.

I also spoke about the importance of understanding what makes YOU better as a business and stand out from your competitors. Any industry is overpopulated with thousands of “similar” businesses and you need to find a differentiator – something that makes you unique, and stand out from your competition.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to define this and because of my experience I have written a book about it called Think #Digital First. This shares my journey as an entrepreneur; the failures, the successes and how I have helped hundreds of business owners grow their business.

If you’re still not sold on social selling for your business, did you know that on Black Friday, the turnover in the UK alone was £1.1 billion? This is an extraordinary number and shows how crucial being online is, and why you might be missing out on sales.

Do know this: Google are shifting what they are doing as a business to help their users to get more engaged. Watch this space, especially if you’re a creative brand!

Thank you to Rob for the interview, and I look forward to more camera time in 2016!


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