How to Use Alltop

#TechTuesday; How to Use Alltop

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As part of my new website launch, I have dedicated Tuesday’s blog to tools that will ultimately help your business grow. One tool which I do talk about in my soon to be released book; Think #Digital First is Alltop.

Finding out what’s happening on all of the industry topics that are important to you is one of the key features of Alltop. It collects headlines from the most recent stories, from the best sites and blogs and brings them into one central location.

Founder Guy Kawasaki said;

“Alltop is a news aggregation site that provides “all the top” stories for forty of the most popular topics on the Web. The headlines and first paragraph of the five most recent stories from forty to eighty sources for each topic are displayed. Alltop stories are refreshed approximately every ten minutes.”

I have teamed up with Shaz who runs YouTube Channel; Good Person to Know which focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise from industry experts to explain in just over four minutes, how to use Alltop. See video below;

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Alltop for your business;

1. Real-time Industry News

Keeping up with latest industry news is important when it comes to your online marketing strategy. You need to show your followers that you know what is going on and Alltop allows you to be in the know.

2. Adding Content to Your Website

Alltop allows you to integrate their widget or RSS feed on a certain topic into your website. When potential customers visit your site, they will see the latest industry news which boosts your online credibility.

3. Increase Online Authority

If you are blogging about latest news on your industry, submit your website to Alltop. If accepted, you will reach an audience you couldn’t reach through any other online channel.

Stay tuned for next week’s #TechTuesday where I will talk about another favourite tool of mine that will help you grow your business.

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