7 Must Have and Free Website Graders

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When it comes to measuring your success online, your content is what separates you from your competitors. Being able to audit your content and grade your website is crucial and here are 7 free tools to help you do exactly that.

  1. Woorank

For in depth website analysis, Woorank is a great tool to use. It will measure seven different aspects of your site including SEO, mobile, usability, technologies, social, local and traffic. Woorank will then give you a final score from 1-100 in a downloadable form.

  1. Quick Sprout Website Analyser

Quick Sprout will analyse your website, with an added twist of competitor research. While grading your website, Quick Sprout will then measure your website against three competitors of your choice. You will get a breakdown of traffic score, SEO, speed and social sharing.

  1. Clarity Grader

Clarity Grader is a tool to use if you want to check specific words on your website. This tool will devise a report after analysing the language on your website and give you a breakdown of your readability, spelling, jargon and use of passive language.

  1. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

For this free tool, all you need to do is enter in your blog/website URL along with your email address and Hubspot will give you an overall score based on five different categories; blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and mobile. You will be given a list of points for each category along with grades.

  1. GT Metrix

If you want to develop a faster, more efficient website GT Metrix is a great tool for you. You can analyse your performance from your mobile phone, test from multiple regions, record page loading and set up monitored alerts so that you know if a page has fallen below website standard.

  1. Nibbler

Nibbler is a free tool for basically testing how good your website is. It will take a list of site and blog characteristics on a higher level, measure your site and give you an overall score from 1-10 and how to improve your site in a prioritised list.

Another great feature of Nibbler is that you can find out what words have been used the most in headings and titles.

  1. W3C Validator

All of the above graders are helpful when optimising your website but when it comes to actual fixes, W3C Validator is the tool to use. Test your site using this tool and it will give you a breakdown of your code errors, with specific lines of code highlighted so that changes can be made.

What tools are you using to improve your website/eCommerce store?


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