Business Growth: 2.9 Million Home Business Owners #Infographic

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I received an email earlier this week from the Association of Business Mentors about a report given from Enterprise Nation regarding home business owners. Their findings were so interesting that I wanted to share it as this week’s blog.

The local economies have received £40bn from 2.9m home entrepreneurs which is creating up to 5m freelance jobs. It may seem like, as an employee, you are in a better position but in actual fact, the self-employed are not earning less than those employed.

Business Growth: 2.9 Million Home Business Owners #Infographic

Based on the report, it shows that the industry most home business owners work in, is the creative industry, followed by business services with the majority of these business owners promoting via their website, social media and through word of mouth.

Business Growth: 2.9 Million Home Business Owners #Infographic

As suspected, most of the home business owners, run their business part-time because of other commitments, not related to working elsewhere. Only 12% of the participants in this study have an employee and a further 45% does all the work themselves (does not outsource).

Business Growth: 2.9 Million Home Business Owners #Infographic

When asked the question; “If you could access one thing that would help your business, what would it be?” These were the top 5 answers;

  • An advisor/coach to help me grow my business

  • Investment for new products/services

  • Help with the workload

  • A better working space

  • A larger network of peers to share advice/experiences

As someone who works remotely, I was excited to share these statistics because it is so important to understand that you can be your own boss, work from your home and still reap the same benefits of those who are employed, all from the comfort of your own home. To see the full article from Enterprise Nations regarding this report, click here.


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