Googles ‘Panda 4.1” Update Will Change Your Content Marketing Strategy

Google’s “Panda 4.1” Update will Change Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Google's "Panda 4.1" Update will Change Your Content Marketing Strategy

Google loves change and loves me, probably more than any other company in the world and that’s noticeable in their algorithms, especially Panda and more specifically, a new iteration in the form of Panda “4.1”.

With this new update, it has been reported by BrightEdge that brands saw an astounding 90% loss in their organic search footprint when Panda 4.1 hit the web late September.

So, what does Panda 4.1 mean to your content marketing strategy? Keep reading.

Whats new?

It is hard to find exactly what Google’s secrets are behind their algorithms however, here are a few things you need to know about Panda 4.1.

  • Panda targets duplicated content

  • Will help small businesses do better in Google search results

  • Panda targets sites with a general lack of content

  • Panda targets machine generated content.

Who has been impacted?

With the new Panda 4.1, Affiliate, Informational, Local Business Sites, Government and Educational websites have all been affected (some for the good, some for the bad).

How Panda 4.1 changes your content performance strategy

Here are a few points you need to consider with Google’s new Panda 4.1 algorithm.

  1. Quality

To be able to successfully generate high traffic to your website, you need high quality web pages and to achieve this, you need to evaluate your site against some of Panda’s expectations in Google search quality guide.

  1. User Experience

User experience is so important to Google and you need to make sure you are putting your customer first. Using Google Analytics will help you decide on your next steps to improve your website but you also need to create a strategic approach that will benefit what the user wants.

  1. Page Optimisation

Every single page on your website needs to be optimised in an extensive way which will include action points for each page ranked on importance. To do this, you will need an SEO experts help.

How do you feel about Panda 4.1?


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