The Best Tools to Distribute your Content Online

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The Best Tools to Distributing your Content Online

Sharing up to date content online is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or blog however, if you are not continuously distributing content via other sources, you may be losing out on a lot of traffic. Here are 5 of my favourite tools that will help you distribute your content online.

  1. Hootsuite

I have been using Hootsuite for at least  four years now and can’t recommend it enough for all my clients and anyone who wants to save time scheduling content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Free of charge to use on the basic plan and in my opinion, this is all small businesses need.

Schedulling Tweets

  1. Outbrain

If you want to share your posts across more than just social media, Outbrain is a great tool to reach a larger audience in the easiest way possible. Outbrain will share your content on popular sites (separate from social) but have a similar audience that are interactive.

  1. SimpleReach

 Just like Outbrain, SimpleReach allows you to share content on popular sites with audiences similar to those on social media however it has a unique feature. This feature allows users to predict how well an article will drive traffic to a site based on SimpleReach’s 0-99 score chart.


  1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the longest standing distribution tools when it comes to social media. Just like Hootsuite, you can schedule posts to go out at certain times of day however Buffer also has an option to allow users to leave it in their hands. By this I mean allowing Buffer to decide when the most optimum time to post is for each individual user based on their audience.

  1. Skyword

Skyword takes the simple idea of Outbrain but improves on it by offering users the chance to reach an even larger audience by distributing content through Skyword’s approved partners.


How are you distributing your content online?


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