A Beginners Guide to PPC from a Google Insider

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A Beginners Guide to PPC from a Google Insider

Back in 2006 was the first time I used social media as a way of having a message and working with brand advocates to amplify it to their community. By 2007 I realised I wanted to learn “how using social media and digital marketing can help companies grow”.

I spent the next 12+ months going on webinars, workshops, reading, going to book signings, getting a business growth mentor and then two speaking mentors, ultimately learning from the best in the business and then applying it to my business.

Having presented as a professional speaker to 1000’s of business owners and worked with 100’s of clients as a business coach and consultant, from setting up social media accounts to running campaigns that include competitions, PPC inside of Facebook and both onsite and offsite SEO along with applying digital marketing tactics, from email, to blogging, to affiliate marketing and much more. The one thing I have never ventured into is the black hole that is Google’s Adwords and always left it to an expert to do it for me.

This has now changed. Having spent years searching for a person that has the credentials, mindset, business ethics that match mine and has a skill I can learn from and then share has been difficult but finally that time has and come and the saying “great things come to those who wait” is so true.

Emma Maguire is an ex-Google employee, trained in-house to Google’s exacting standards, specialising in Pay Per Click advertising since 2008. She has:

· Set up & managed circa 1000 Adwords accounts

· Trained hundreds of business owners in how to run their own Adwords Accounts

· Cut one small business’ advertising costs by £100,000 in one year

· Increased online sales by x10, taking annual sales from £30,000 to 400,000k – and growing!

Many of her clients, with relatively small budgets, now have their Ads showing higher up, and for more of the time than the biggest industry players. This is down to an innate knowledge and a honed instinct which can be brought to bear on any industry sector including yours!

Using her proven approach, she can ensure the most efficient use of your budget, cutting out poor performing keywords, increasing the number of revenue generators whilst optimising your Adwords campaigns to maximise high value traffic.

On Wednesday 17th September, I’ll be co-presenting with Emma a live webinar to 100’s of entrepreneurs, marketing managers, CMO on “A Beginners Guide to PPC from a Google Insider”. Adwords is Google’s main source of revenue, helping them to gain circa $58 billion in revenue in 2013. Make sure you are not spending a penny more on your advertising than is absolutely necessary.

Maybe you have you noticed how the Google search results page has become increasingly dominated by paid search or ads? With a staggering 89% of searches in the UK being carried out on Google, Adwords is a vital tool to ensure your business is there when potential customers want to buy your products or services.

I’d love for you to join us and watch Emma show me how to setup and run a PPC campaign and how to optimise your cost per click and drive targeted traffic.

The first 20 signups to the webinar will receive a £75 Adwords voucher, to help you get started.

See you on the 17th and if you have any question, please comment below.


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