News Flash: LinkedIn Predicts All You Need To Know Before A Meeting

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News Flash: LinkedIn Predicts All You Need To Know Before A Meeting

LinkedIn, the world’s most used B2B social network with 300+ million users, over 16 million in the UK, has just made your life easier before a meeting. The new “Connected” app just launched replaces “Contacts” and helps users keep up to date with news in their network.

This will be LinkedIn’s 6th standalone app and it’s third in the last three months. The B2B social network wants to become a bigger part of its users life by encouraging networking through notifications so users don’t have to remember to do it.

LinkedIn Connected

The new “Connected” application uses anticipatory computing techniques to give users information they should know about their network. This new app allows you to;

  • Celebrate moments that matter – This includes job changes, work anniversaries and birthdays.

  • Stay connected to your network – Networking has become more fun and useful for LinkedIn users by putting people at it’s centre, specifically designed to help users network effectively.

LinkedIn Connected app has expanded on LinkedIn Contacts which is a hub for users to keep emails, addresses, events, reminders and a calendar to stay up to date with meetings.

Users have responded positively to this new app, helping them build profiles before having a face to face meeting with a connection. Users will receive notifications about their potential meeting individual, prompting talking points based on what they have recently post e.g. “Remember to ask him about his two kids, Ben and Laura”.

LinkedIn have seen the potential of creating this mobile app to reach as many users as possible who are connected with social media on their smartphone. 41% of LinkedIn visitors are coming to the site via mobile and this is likely to increase over the next year.

With such a great release from LinkedIn, it will only be a matter of time before other social networks see the advantage of offering users the chance to know their connections before building a professional relationship.


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