50+ SEO Ranking Factors You Must Know

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Google’s new algorithm uses around 200 ranking factors when it comes to deciding on where your business will sit on Google when people search based on your keywords. For you to make sure you are doing the best possible job with Google, here are 50+ SEO ranking factors you must know.

Domain Factors

When it comes to your domain, there are certain factors that make a huge impact on your SEO and some that won’t. See below to see which domain factors could make or break your SEO ranking.

50+ SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

Page-Level Factors

Page-level factors are based on the keywords you use across your website SEO and how Google will rank you based on these factors. Keep scrolling to see how imperative it is to have keywords in title tags, description tags and keyword density.

50+ SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

Site-Level Factors

Site-level factors are those which are visible on your website. This will include the number of pages, sitemaps, server locations, site usability and mobility.

50+ SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

Backlink Factors

Backlinking factors are all about how well your website is linked to other online sources. This will include the likes of authority, links from competitors, social sharing, guest posts and diversity of link types.

50+ SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

User Interaction

User interaction is a huge factor in determining your SEO ranking. Direct traffic, bounce rate, blocked sites and time on sites are all important.

Social Signs & Brand Signals

Social signs take into account all social media activity taking place around your business online. Brand Signals include branded searches, brand mentions, and number of RSS subscribers.

On-site and Off-site Web Page Factors

Redirects, over-optimisation, spamming, unnatural links, and selling links all play a huge part in SEO rankings.

I’ve shared 50+ ways with you, if you want to see the full 200 ranking factors that will impact your SEO, click here.


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