Why Google Places is Now Google My Business

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Since the introduction of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm, I am not surprised to hear that Google has combined Google Places with Google+ Local and rebranded it as “Google My Business”.

Why Google Places is now Google My Business

This new upgrade, introduced to localised businesses using both Google+ local and Google Places, offers a more streamlined approach with a new dashboard. This significant change from Google shows that they understand the importance for businesses with a high street store or office to be found online. Their play on words, taking the common phrase “lets Google that” and creating a new term for their dashboard makes it even more specific for small businesses when using Google My Business.

The Google My Business section will be rolled out to companies already using Google’s tools, allowing them to manage their listings from one central place. The dashboard will be broken up into simple call-to-actions allowing businesses to manage what users find out about them on Google Search.

Google has had it’s heart set out on helping small businesses improve online exposure through search engine results since the beginning of this year. Businesses can now interact with their community of fans on Google+, manage reviews and see their analytics all from the same dashboard.

Why Google Places is now Google My Business

Here is what Google had to say about their new dashboard;

“Our focus is on providing a useful experience to businesses and to empower them to better manage their own information. Businesses that sign up for Google My Business are provided with a Google+ page, but there is always the option to engage with whichever part of the dashboard they choose.”

Google My Business will put your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using.You can access Google My Business on the web or via the Android or iOS app from a mobile device.

What do you think of “Google My Business”?


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