Social Media for Business: What’s Changing in 2014

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Social Media for Business: What's Changing in 2014

As expected, social media will continue to evolve and that is no different for 2014. We are close to half way through the year and so much has happened in social, and there is more to come. So, what’s changing in 2014?

1. Social Listening

This year has seen a 2% increase on marketers using social listening strategies compared to last year. The great thing about social is that brands can directly communicate with customers but without knowing where they hang out, their strategy won’t be as affective. Social media has also become a customer service outlet for consumers and if you, as a business is not listening to social queries, you could really damage your brands online profile.

2. Data-Based Marketing

With the way marketing has changed over the years, businesses are now using intelligent ways to find data from a variety of different sources and using it to market in a unique way. Brands can now take advantage of opportunities and users will not be subject to just commercial messages.

3. Social Advertising

57% of marketeers used social ads in 2013 and a further 23% are expected to jump on the social advertising bandwagon by the end of 2014. From a marketer’s point of view, social advertising is a great way to grab a user’s attention and for users notably on Facebook, will now have mobile advertising directed at them through the Facebook App.

4. Image Marketing

We are all busy. Regardless of whether its a working day or the weekend. The last thing we, as users want to do is read an essay on Facebook. Images are much more stimulating for us and for businesses to create as well. Marketers will have to find new, innovative ways to connect with customers through imagery.

5. Social Media Integration with Business

Social media has already become an integral part of any online business and if you haven’t seen the power that social media can have for your business, you’re missing out on 1000’s of potential customers. 78% of companies already have a dedicated social media team and this will no doubt increase over the second half of this year.

6. Social Data + Relationship Intelligence = The Future

Information from social sites, campaigns or other customer interactions will be used to effectively monitor and engage audiences. Online brands will now find focus in developing unique campaigns to bring content to the real world.

7. Online Meets Offline for Customer Engagement

You might find that your target market hasn’t quite taken the social media world by storm and you will have to implement offline marketing strategies to make sure you are covering all marketing bases.

Full infographic here.


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