21 Experts Give Top Tips for Using Social Media

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21 Experts Give Top Tips for Using Social Media

When it comes to using social media for your business, there will always be experts sharing vital information and tips that can help you increase your sales online. If you want to know what the social media experts say, keep reading.

1. “Social media is virtual networking. Take the time to build relationships just like you would face to face” – Laura Cummins, Owner of NineDotz Consulting.

2. “Be consistent and be yourself” – Sean D’Souza, Chief brain auditor at Psychotactics.

3. “Every business has a story. What’s yours? Share it in a way that attracts clients and encourages prospects to take action” – Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategist.

4. “Fight social media overwhelm by keeping it SIMPLE; don’t be on every social media network – only where your audience spends lots of time and help them” – Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder at Tabsite.

5. “After creating your accounts, follow like minded businesses, then watch and observe the tone of the platform, then begin to engage” – Pam Wood, Ballroom made simple.

6. “Go above and beyond on your original content and be consistent with it. When it works, its the gift that keeps on giving” – Melonie Dodaro, Founder of Top Dog Social Media.

7. “Share something small every day. Small things over time get big.” – Austin Kleon, Author of Show Your Work!

8. “In social media, content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships, and relationships result in ROI” – Robert Caruso, Founder & CEO at Bundle Post.

9. “Don’t talk to people, talk with them” – Catherine Russell, Content Writer.

10. “Pick one network and do it well first. Choose one that you like to use personally and are comfortable using. Master it.” – Julia C. Campbell, J Campbell Social Marketing.

11. “Quality trumps quantity. Pick one or two social media platforms, and devote yourself to learning about them and using them well” – Joseph Cole, Content Writer.

12. “Watch your spelling!” – Tammy Weaver.

13. “Visuals are easier to relate to than test, so include images in your content than can be pinned to Pinterest and shared across other networks” – Cynthia Sanchez, Oh So Pinteresting.

14. “Learn from the experts and never pass up a social media class or seminar” – Charles River Running.

15. “Be honest, be warm, be authentic, and put yourself in the shoes of your customers on social media” – Kim Garst, Boom! Social.

16. “Be useful and indispensable” – John Haydon – Founder of Inbound Zombie and Author of Facebook for Dummies.

17. “You don’t have to create all original content, just be a good source for trending content in your industry” – Shannon Faulkner, CEO at Delphis Creative Marketing Solutions.

18. “Study your competition and watch where they participate in social dialog. Don’t reinvent the wheel” – Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner.

19. “Don’t take on too much. Focus on doing one thing right on social media before moving on” – Lisa Kalner Williams, Founder of Sierra Tierra Marketing.

20. “Identify your goals, then make a plan!” – Ashley Taylor Anderson, SinglePlatform.

21. “Share the reason “why” you love what you are doing. If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it” – Warren Knight.

These are just 21 top tips from experts in the digital industry. If you would like to see all 50, you can view the presentation here.


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