Choose Your Social Network to Drive Sales

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Do you often wonder which social network is going to give you the best ROI? When it comes to people buying products online, social does matter. Shopify analysed data from 37 million social media visits that lead to 529,000 orders and here were the results from 12 social networks.

Orders and Visitor Count from Social Media

Looking at orders from Social Media you won’t be surprised to find out that an average of 85% of these orders come from Facebook. Not only that but Facebook dominate Sports & Rec, Photography, and Pet Supplies industries by nearly 95%. Another win for Facebook comes when we look at social media visits at over 63%, as you can see below followed by Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Choose Your Social Network to Drive Sales

Average Order Value

When Shopify looked at 436 orders over Q3 of 213 for average order value, it seems the image sharing social networks came out on top. Surprisingly, Polyvore topped the pack at an average order value of £44.50 followed by Instagram at £43.33 and Pinterest at £39.03. YouTube certainly aren’t winning this race as you can see below with their average order value at £25.08. Choose Your Social Network to Drive Sales

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the rate at which a visitor went on to purchasing an item after visiting. As you can see, Facebook is leading the pack again followed by Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Polyvore, Pinterest, LinkedIn then Reddit. It is important to note that Video sharing networks like Vimeo and YouTube convert quicker than the likes of Twitter and LinkedInChoose Your Social Network to Drive Sales

Which Network Dominates Your Industry?

Below is a breakdown of industries and which network generates the most orders for each. Take a look, and see which social network generates the most orders for your social network. If you don’t see your industry sector, it means, as you probably guessed, Facebook is the best network for you. Choose Your Social Network to Drive Sales

Based on the above information, which social network will drive the most sales for your business?

The original Infographic was produced by James Todman and you can view it here.


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