Your 12 Tips Checklist for Perfect Onsite SEO

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As a business, you want to be at the top of Google based on your keywords. The higher you are in search, the more likely you are to make sales. To help you create the perfect onsite SEO I want to share 12 tips that will help you increase your ranking on Google.

1. Start Title with Keyword

The information you put in your page title tag is the most important information on the page in regards to SEO. Pages that start the title tag with a keyword actually rank higher in search compared to those who use their keyword in the middle or at the end of the title tag.

2. SEO Friendly Permalink URLS

Your URL needs to be rich in keywords around your business. It doesn’t matter the length of the URL, the most important factor is that it does include your keywords.

3. Use Outbound Links

Using outbound links in your piece of writing allows Google to understand the key topic around the content you are sharing. Using authoritative websites as outbound links will boost your pagerank in Google.

4. Dazzle with Multimedia

There is only so much you can do in regards to SEO when it comes to text so you really need to make sure you add images too. Adding images or videos will help decrease bounce rate and increase user time on site.

5. Wrap Your Title in H1 Tag

Making sure the title of your blog is a H1 is important for SEO purposes as H1 text is the most important content on a page.

Your 12 Tips Checklist for Perfect Onsite SEO

6. Keywords in First 100 Words

Your keywords need to appear in the first 100-150 words of an article. Doing this puts importance on your keywords as making sure your content is linked to certain keywords needs to be done from an SEO perspective

7. Loading Speed

If a page takes too long to load, you will find your bounce rate is at an all-time high. Loading speed is an important part of SEO ranking in Google so make sure your pages take less than four seconds to load.

8. Title Modifiers

Modifiers include dates, and words like “guide”, “tips” and “steps”. adding these to your title allow Google to rank your article easier based on keywords and also help you rank for longtail keywords.

9. Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing is now a huge part of SEO and Google ranking. Having social sharing buttons will increase sharing which will give you more authority online and Google will rank you higher based on how many shares your article has.

 Your 12 Tips Checklist for Perfect Onsite SEO

10. Long Content

Longer content ranks significantly higher with Google. If you are targeting competitive keywords, make sure your content is at least 1,500 words.

11. Work on Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is when someone visits your site but doesn’t navigate to another page so in essence, they are “bouncing” off the site. This defines a pages quality so you need to make sure this is as low as possible to avoid any problems with your page ranking.

12. LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are synonyms that Google will use to determine a page’s relevancy. Using the Google Adword Keyword Tool will allow you find your LSI Keywords.

Are you ready to perfect your Onsite SEO?


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