7 Techniques For Building Your Personal Digital Footprint

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7 Techniques For Building Your Personal Digital Footprint

Whenever something is posted about you online, it will in essence be another step in your digital footprint. It doesn’t matter if it is a positive or negative step, it will still count. For me, it is always important to make sure my personal digital footprint is as positive as possible so here are 7 techniques to help you build your personal digital footprint.

 1. Get Your Own Domain

One of the first things people will do when they see your name somewhere, they will Google you. To help build your digital footprint and your SEO, try and get your own domain related to your name. I was lucky to get warren-knight.com however if your name isn’t available, get creative and use UK in the title and if you have to put a hyphon.

 2. Choose the Right Title

When building your digital footprint, you don’t want to give potential employers the wrong idea about what you job role is. You need to be honest when it comes to giving yourself a title role in a business or if applying for jobs, you are not looking for a position lower than what you are capable of or a position that is way beyond your current experience.

 3. Be Image-Conscious

Google image search is now more prominent than ever so when you type in someone’s name into Google images, pictures will come up. Every photo that can be recovered online will go towards your personal digital footprint so think twice before changing your Twitter profile picture to something you would hate people to see because it will end up on Google.

 4. Write Online Content

One of the best ways to build a positive digital online footprint is to make sure you are writing and sharing online content. The best way to do this is by having a blog but also being a contributor to other blogging sites in your business sector.

 5. Show Diversity

When you are building your digital footprint, it’s important to stay focused in your niche, but you do need to show diversity. Don’t just focus on one specific topic when writing and sharing content, make sure that you are covering all of your experience so that if the time comes, you will be able to represent yourself in the best possible way.

 6. Become Brand Advocates

If there is a company or brand that you use on a daily basis to do certain things online, make sure your audience knows about it. If you have read any of my blogs or seen me talk, you will know that I am a huge advocate of the SEIS Scheme along with tools that help me save time like Hootsuite.

 7. Consistent Use of Social Networks

The best or if done incorrectly, the most damaging way to build your online footprint is through social networking. Make sure you keyword and brand consistency and have a clear strategy of what you want to post before you post it, especially when it comes to such an open network like Twitter.

 Are you ready to build your personal digital footprint?


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