10 Ways to Get More Connections on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B social network and in my opinion, nothing has come close to challenging it. LinkedIn is a great social platform to use to increase your network and to build partnerships in the world of business. Keep reading to find out 10 ways to get more connections on LinkedIn.

1. Be Active

One of the best ways to increase your connections is to make sure you are actively using LinkedIn. Make sure that you update your work experience as soon as it changes along with images and status updates.

2. Ask for Endorsements

When it comes to building your online profile, it is good to ask for endorsements from your current connections. Doing this gives you more authenticity online and this will definitely ensure that you increase your LinkedIn Connections.

3. Make it Easy for People to Connect With You

Making your contact information easy for others to see makes it easier for people to see what you do, whether they want to work with you, make a decision then connect with you.

4. Comment on Your Connections Updates

A great way to make sure you are broadening your horizons is to comment on your connections updates. This will allow those who are connected with your connections to see your profile and eventually join your network.

5. Make it Personal

When you are describing yourself in person on LinkedIn, make sure you do it in the same way as you would in person otherwise it may come off as fake. It’s OK to write in a third person as long as you have created a story. People will only connect with you if they relate to you.

6. Participate in LinkedIn Group Discussions

Just like commenting on your connections updates, you also need to join group discussions. This is a great way to show your knowledge and potentially find clients or customers.

7. Personalise Your LinkedIn Connection Requests

When you are sending a request to a LinkedIn user who you want to connect with, you have a standard connection message. Make sure you personalise this so that they person you are trying to connect with sees this and that you are making an effort.

8. Be Smart With Your Updates

A great way to build up engagement with your network is to post status updates that are engaging and thought provoking. Posting your blogs is great but you need to do more than that if you want to increase your LinkedIn Connections.

9. Complete Your Profile

If someone you have sent a connection request to sees that your profile isn’t 100% complete e.g. no profile picture or missing information they probably won’t connect with you so make sure you give a potential connection every reason to WANT to connect with you.

10. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

To make sure you are getting the best possible connection uptake on LinkedIn, you really need to make sure you are promoting your LinkedIn profile on your other social networks.

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