5 Steps to Owning All of Page 1 on Google

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5 Steps to Owning All of Page 1 on Google

When it comes to search engines, Google is not only the UK’s largest search engine, but all over the world too. Making sure your business is found by Google based on your you, your business and your keywords is the best way to drive traffic to your website. This is not just about owning all of page 1 on Google but it is also a great way to push negative or unwanted links/articles/blogs about you or your business further down in the search engines.

If you type in your name or your businesses name into Google and you don’t like what you see, here are five steps to help you own page one of Google.

1. Building your brand

When it comes to building your brand, you need to make sure you have signed up to all the necessary sites with a profile about yourself or your business. Below is a list of the sites I recommend for you to be on to build your digital footprint;

If you type in my name Warren Knight into Google and click on page 10, you still see links with my name either in the title or the description.

2. Press Release

After you have signed up to the above sites, you then need to think about other ways of getting your business noticed by industry leaders who will want to share your story. The best way to do this is through press releases. I would suggest getting a press release written about you and your business where you can then publish to press release sites and send to those who have influence in your industry. If you would like to know which two press release sites will give you the best exposure, tweet me!

3. Virtual Assistants

Something which I have done is hire not only one, but two virtual assistants. A VA is great for posting comments, building links, bookmarking your profiles on a daily basis with links back to your online profiles. It doesn’t need to be expensive and they are great at doing the time consuming work that you, as a business owner don’t have the time to focus on. If you would like to know where to find the best VA’s, tweet me and I will point you in the right direction.

4. Link All Your Profiles to Each Other

Another great way to make sure your social activity and profiles which are most crucial for your business end up on the first page of Google when someone searches for you or your business is to link all of your profiles to each other. If you look at my Google+ About page, you will notice that I have my websites there along with all my other social profiles.

5. Turn Negatives into Positives

A great way to make sure that negative information about your business is pushed off the first page of Google is to include the keywords from this content in your social media bios and blogs but change the context and make it positive. Google will then see this as something which should be ranked higher than the initial negative piece of information and will do just that.

Implementing all of the above will allow you to make sure you own the first page of Google with the content and links YOU want. Are you happy with what the first page of Google says about you?


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