The Latest Tips and Tools on How to Use Social Media to Listen

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Social Media Listening Tools

Social media is giving small businesses the chance to not only share ideas, give advice and listen to opinions, it gives them the chance to connect with their audience and offer their products to those who need them.

The kind of sharing social media allows is not only powerful but influential. Being able to connect with consumers where they are most likely to buy is great for businesses. Are you struggling to find ways to listen to potential consumers on social media? Keep reading.

Studies show that people are influenced by what their friends are saying about products inside of social  media. One great status update or tweet about your product is so powerful and can ultimately convert into a sale and so on. If people are talking about your brand on social media, you need to be listening in.

Why do you need to listen to what is being said on Social?

1. To know where conversations are taking place

If you know where a conversation is happening online, you will know where you need to respond.

2. To understand the topic of discussion

You will need to know what is on peoples minds and pick up on keywords which are being used continuously.

3. To know who the influencers are

Everyone’s online opinion matters but because of how influential someone is, the importance changes. Begin building relationships with those who have that important influence in your business sector.

What tools should I use to listen?

  • If you want to take this into your own hands, consider using RSS feed readers (such as Feedly), Google alerts, and Twitter search, Hootsuite and Social Mention, a free social media search and analysis tool.

  • Trackur – For something slightly more advanced and not free, you can try Trackur. It is one of the least expensive tools to use and will provide you will the tools to monitor influence, track voice online and to analyse sentiment.

  • Sprout Social – If you want a social media management tool that also monitors reputation, try Sprout Social. Starting at around £28 per month, you can find potential new followers with similar interests, monitor competition and stay up to date with news on your business sector.

  • Brandseye – If you want a state of the art monitoring tool that will cost you, try Brandseye. Said to be the only tool that comprehensively tracks every online mention of your brand, Brandseye may give you the potential to really track your online reputation.

If you are looking for something a little bit different in the form of training, this is something I can help you with. I offer 1-1 online training in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Social Media Dashboard Hootsuite. If this is something you are interested in, you can read more information here and book your online training with me here.


4 thoughts on “The Latest Tips and Tools on How to Use Social Media to Listen

  1. Thanks for the endorsement! Please compare us against any other tool (including Brandseye) and if we don’t have the broadest monitoring, your first month is on me! 😉

    Andy Beal
    CEO, Trackur

  2. Hey Warren,

    Looks like our link is also unfortunately wrong :/ Love your accurate description of our ‘state of the art’ tool! We do have a lot to offer, including scalable pricing 😉

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