3 of the Best Tools to Help You Save Time

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Since I started Gloople, I have always struggled with time and find myself having to make calendar invites for personal events, even those as minor as going to the park with friends or dinner with family. Each person involved in running a small business has to have their strategy. Whether it be in Marketing, Sales or even managing a company – you have to keep each area of your business alive to make sure you can progress as a business, especially for us as we will be going through our next round of investment very soon. For those of you with the same issues as myself, here are 3 of the best tools to help you keep track of time.

1. Google Calendar

One of the most well known time management tools comes from Google’s empire. Google calendar is a great tool not just for laptops, but for mobile too. It allows you to send and receive calendar invites and will notify you when your appointment or event is fast approaching. Completely free of charge and integrates with GMail.


2. Rachota

From NetBeans, Rachota is a popular free open source timekeeping application that is used mainly by developers but includes a lot of interesting features such as report creation, invoicing, basic timekeeping options and much more. Although this may seem a little bit too advanced, it is portable and simple to use. It is a Java based programme that can be run on Mac, Windows and Android.

3. Chrometa

Chrometa is a very unique tool which allows you to really keep track of how much time you are spending online. Chrometa is a tiny app which will be installed on your computer and will record your software usage. This record will include how much time you spend web surfing, on Skype and loads of other online applications where most of us lose time! Chrometa will help you revalue and re-target your time so that you are making the most of your day to day work and being productive.

Time management is so important not just for small businesses but in everyday life. If you use the right tools, you will find it a lot easier to not only manage your time better but to prioritise what is most important and needs to be done first.

Are you ready to keep track of your time?


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