Why Social Media Optimisation is Important for Your Business

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Social Media is now a huge part of how we work online. We don’t just use Social Media for connecting with our friends, we now need to look at is as a way to drive revenue and because of this, social media optimisation is so important for your business.

Why should you as a business care about SMO (Social Media Optimisation)? It’s simple really… social networks are driving so much traffic to websites and because of this, you need to make sure you are optimising your social media. Traffic from social media is in essence a referral, which depends on two things;

1. How interesting, relevant and fresh your content is

2. How easy your content is to share and flexible across all of your networks.

Technology is rapidly changing and will continue to change all the time. Innovation is a part of our online success and you need to make sure you are keeping up with all of the new additions by optimising your social media. Even the Giants of the online world, Google have openly said “the human factor is play a massive part of how they rank websites”

You need to understand the importance of having a digital presence that is constantly monitored. This doesn’t just include social media, this also includes your website and creating a multi-channel experience (across web, social and mobile). It sounds like a lot to manage but if you have an effective marketing strategy in place to measure results, you will create a seamless, stress-free social media working environment.

The creativity and success of your social media optimisation will also depend on the team you have around you and how they adapt to a constant change in technology. If you are just a one man band, you need to either look at ways to manage your time or have an intern work with you if money permits you from having employees.

It is also important that you are always keeping on top of your analytics inside of social media. You need to have alerts all the time so that your progress is being tracked and monitored in case your strategy isn’t working.

Social Media Optimisation is not just important for your business, it’s crucial too. If you want to be successful online, through social media you really need to make sure you have an optimisation strategy in place.

Are you ready for SMO?


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