8 Reasons for YOU to Love Small Businesses

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A recent study showed that 88% of online users have a favorable view of small businesses opposed to the 16% on large companies. Small businesses are making magic (as I always say) because they are proving that they can compete with the market leaders with a lot less resources. Here are 8 reasons for you to love and support small businesses.

1. Tireless Hours
I can definitely relate to this one as I am one of the business owners who sits with my cup of tea, typing away on my laptop on a Saturday morning. A lot of small business owners have a lot of responsibility and because of this, work tireless hours which should be commended.

2. UK Economy
Surprising statistics published by the Commons Library state that in 2012 there was 4.8 million businesses in the UK. Over 99% of these businesses were classed as small to medium sized with 96% having 0-9 employees. We, as small business owners are the heart of the UK economy and should be proud of this.

3. Gutsy
Just because 96% of UK’s businesses are small businesses, it doesn’t mean every single owner isn’t taking a risk because believe me when I say they are. You have to have the guts to make that jump and create a small business you can be proud of.

4. Determined
As well as being gutsy, small business are determined to succeed. We all get knocked back at some point and I have been in a place where I didn’t think Gloople would succeed. If you have people around you who are determined to keep you going, you will get to a place where you can enjoy coming into work everyday, knowing you created something worthy of success.

5. Contribute to 75% of new job openings
Not only do small businesses help the UK economy, they contribute to 75% of all new job openings. They also give young people the chance to learn business from a young age so that they become inspired and want to start their own business.

6. Build relationships from the ground up
One thing small businesses have over big corporations is that they are personable. When you are posting a tweet to a large business or writing on their Facebook page, you don’t know who is replying to you. When you are speaking to a small business on social media, you know that they are a part of the business and not just sat there giving generic answers. Small businesses are known to build relationships with their consumers from day one and because of this, we should embrace it.

7. Optimistic
You won’t find a more optimistic person than a successful small business owner. This is because of the hours spent and emotion put into their business. It is inspiring to see a small business grow to a large business.

8. SEIS Scheme
Something Gloople benefited from was the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Our investors were able to get back a significant amount of investment from the Government by investing in a small business. This is a great way to give small businesses a chance to really succeed and grow the business.

I want everyone reading this blog to appreciate small businesses as I know I do. I have put my heart and soul into Gloople and rarely take the time to sit back and see what I have created and be proud of the success.


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