What Social Network Users Make the Most Money?

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It has been amazing to see so many small businesses profit from using social networks over the past two years. My former job as a mentor was so rewarding, not only for myself but for the people I helped and those they sold to. After doing my research, I found some great statistics around Social Networks and how much money their users make. Here is a breakdown for each platform.

Overall, Facebook’s users earnings were on par with Twitter and Tumblr. 34% of Facebook’s users make less than £18K a year with the £18-£37K users coming in second with 26%. This could be down to the fact that Facebook is widely used by the younger generation between 16-24 whose earnings are not as high as the 35-46 year olds.

Google+ has a completely different demographic to Facebook with the highest percentage of its user base coming from those who make £62K or more. Google+ also counts the lowest percentage of their user base from those making under £18K. LinkedIn and Google+, likewise, have two of the older demographics among the most popular social networks. Google+ has an even more affluent user base than LinkedIn.

Almost 1 in 5 (17%) of Twitter users earn more than £62,000 per year. This will be down to the fact that there are a lot of influential celebrities on this network, along with successful businessmen and women. Overall, the earnings of Twitter users were on par with Tumblr, each of whom have a third of their user base earning below £18K per year, with around half earning between £18K and £62K.

LinkedIn has a larger percentage of high income wage earners than most social networks. LinkedIn counts 27 % of their social network from the £62K plus bracket. LinkedIn and Google+, likewise, have two of the older demographics among the most popular social networks.

Tumblr & Pinterest
Tumblr, a blogging platform had the highest percentage of users earning £18K or under. This is likely down to their target market; the teenage to young adult generation. Pinterest on the other hand, is a lot more balanced between the users earning under £18K and those earning £18-£37K.

Now that you have a better understanding around where your target market hangs out, what is your next move?

*All figures in this blog have been converted into £ from $.


2 thoughts on “What Social Network Users Make the Most Money?

  1. If I want the big earners I am definitely looking at google+ but there is more emphasis generaly on marketing with Facebook and twitter. I would love to know more about google+ but find a real lack of info and training about it.

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