Building a Brand is More than an Idea

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For many years now I have been helping individuals bring their passion to life and build a business, with a brand than has true meaning.

I will let Dave Fletcher share with you his experience.

Having run a successful personal training business for nearly 10 years, I started to get itchy feet about the next stage in my career. Was I going to be selling my time forever? How could I build on this success? Should I set up another business as well as my PT business ? What would this business be? And how do I find someone who can coach these answers out of me? I knew that I loved being a PT and had taken huge satisfaction in building my profile by breaking into fitness magazines as a writer, becoming London’s best known fat loss specialist, dominating the google rankings and working with celebrities.

For me though, it wasn’t quite enough and I needed help in mapping out the next stage of my journey. I wanted to progress forward with my PT business but needed to satisfy this grumbling which was starting to haunt me.

At a mutual friends barbecue, I got chatting to a chap called Warren. Within a couple of minutes, it became apparent that what he loved to do was to work with small companies and inspire individuals like me to help them develop their business into a brand. Having exchanged business cards and gone away to look him up online, I was amazed to discover just how successful he had been in this field. Not to mention that he was an author of 3 books and a well known professional business speaker! I was impressed to say the least and had a gut feeling that he would be able to help me carve out the next stage of my career.

We started with a 2-hour mind mapping session where I told him all about my personal training business. I showed him what I had built up and how much it meant to me as well as my ambitions to develop my skills and potentially build another business. He asked me about how I had built up my business and whether I was able to put my success into a formula? He then asked me whether this formula could be taught to other aspiring personal trainers?

BOOM! I had my answer and it had only taken him 12 minutes. We spent the remainder of the session outlining how I was going to create a brand out of this formula and the best way to coach this information to other personal trainers. I was ecstatic and my brain was in overdrive mode after that meeting. It was a real life lightbulb moment which has proven to be a major pivotal point in my career.

We met every other week to discuss the strategies involved in making this happen. His knowledge and experience was staggering and made me feel at ease with this new and exciting venture. He told me that if I was to be taken seriously as the expert on the business side of personal training, I needed to write a book about it which would include my journey towards building my own personal training business. I had work to do! I decided on a title for the book and the exact formula to achieve success as a personal trainer.

Under Warren’s guidance, I chipped away at building the brand. I built the new website, I found my target audience and created an outline for the courses I was going to run to teach the formula to other PT’s.

I simply could not have done this without Warrens expert guidance and could not have wished for a more in-tune mentor who understands the way I think and knows how to get the most out of me.

Publishing my own book and building another business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I urge all ambitious entrepreneurs to do the same.

Thanks for all of your help Warren.

If you would like to connect with Dave further, tweet him at @Dave_FletcherPT.

I would love to help more people realise their potential and help their businesses grow. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact me.

p.s Thank you for you kind words in the book



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