How to run a Webinar to Promote your Business

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With the internet now a crucial way of generating sales and leads for a business, it’s only logical to start running webinars on a regular basis. For a Webinar to be a success, it takes a lot of planning and work. If you want to offer great customer service and ultimately deliver a great Webinar then keep reading for my tips on how to do exactly that.

When looking at a Webinar provider, you need to do your research. It has taken me a long time to find the right company that works for what I want to deliver. You need to think about how many attendees you would like. I have limited mine to 100. If you would like your webinar to be record, you will also need to look into this as some software providers do not offer this service.

After choosing a webinar provider, you need to look at how you are going to present your business. Your presentation must be in line with your brand otherwise you will be unlikely to receive any business. Make sure your branding is correct and you have checked the spelling and grammar of your presentation as there is nothing worse than one of your attendee’s pointing out an error you have made.

Keep your presentation simple and effective. Get straight to the point and don’t over populate your presentation slides. You will also need to run through your presentation with a colleague before presentation to iron out any issues you may be having. You also need to discourage participants from multi-tasking during your presentation, so that you have their full attention. Ask questions, allow for short discussions and conduct polls during your webinar to determine if participants understand your material. Remember, you won’t be able to see them, so it may be harder to judge how well your presentation works.

Struggling to get people to attend your webinar? Speak to your audience. They are a part of your community for a reason. Focus on email marketing and social media to generate interest in your webinar. You may find your attendee list going up in numbers just by tweeting and posting on Facebook. News travels fast in social media so make sure you utilise all of the tools available to you. Also worth noting that if you have a blog, you should use this as one of your outlets to promote your webinar.

What are your top tips for running a Webinar for your business?


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