Three Ways To Show Your Thought Leadership

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Are you passionate about a certain subject and have enough knowledge to teach other people? Take hold of your potential and become a leader in your selected field. Being a thought leader means sharing and building upon your knowledge and working on ideas and solutions. You want your expertise on display so make sure you let people know what you know. Here are three great ways to do just that.

1. Get Blogging

As a leading expert, it is imperative that you focus some of your time on improving your writing skills. There are so many skilled professionals utilising every form of writing, including; online blogging and book writing. It’s all well and good to refer to professionally written articles by other leading experts in your field, but to be an influential leader; you will need your own website.

Your own website or blog must feature your name prominently for you to be taken seriously as a leader in your field of work.

2. Build Your Own Team

A great way to show your leadership is to hand pick your own colleagues for your business. Picking the right people is crucial for your success and also as a scale for how serious you are about being an entrepreneur. The people you chose must have a strong work ethic and be able to challenge and educate you every day as well as support you in every decision you make. Businesses fall apart when teamwork is lost in the mist of poor problem solving and sub-standard management.

Take the experience you had with a previous mentor/business advisor and operate in a professional and well-informed manner.

3. Become a Speaker

One of the hardest things to do as a leading expert is to become a professional speaker. If you want to build a reputation as a thought leader, this means you need to become the face of your business – nothing screams help more than a faceless business. Look at Richard Branson or James Caan. Their success has been impressive and it’s partly down to their ability to be captivating when they talk at business events.

Do your research around the events/tradeshows that are applicable to your business and go from there. At first, you will be speaking for free, but it is crucial for building a reputation of expertise in your field that you utilise your opportunities.

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