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Such a small thing – such a big impact. The Facebook ‘Like’ function, that tempting little button sitting innocently on the page, has multiplied across the web, integrated into no less than 2.5 million sites – including a staggering eighty of the top 100.

And nowhere is its potential greater than in the booming industry of social commerce, that up and coming child of e-commerce. Facebook ‘Likes’ may seem like a simple click; a nod to your friends that, hey, these shoes are cool. But to a retailer, they’re much more. They’re thousands of potential customers. They’re invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. They’re the trigger for exclusive group discounts. They’re the birth of an army of online advocates.

Don’t believe it? Well, don’t just take our word for it. American Eagle noticed that 57% of their customers spent more when one of their friends had liked a product – the power of peer pressure right there.

Levi’s took it to a new level and created Friend’s Stores, exclusive stores that showed customers the products recommended by people in their social network circles. As a result, they enjoyed a fruitful Cyber Monday, when half of their online traffic came from Facebook.

Ticketmaster have managed to calculate – no mean feat – the value of each Like to them. What’s a Like worth? Well, about £3.20. Not to be sniffed at, especially when you consider the thousands of transactions they handle.

And OpenTable saw a 25% increase in reservations after adding the button. Think about it – it makes sense. Who wants to eat alone? If you’re promoting a product that lends itself to social activity like eating out, think how much a Like could boost your business.

As Facebook commerce, or f-commerce as it’s known, gathers pace, business will benefit from being Likeable. Don’t get left out.


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