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Why spend time trying to tempt your customers away from the allure of Facebook to your store, when you can bring your store to Facebook? But as the idea catches on, it’s good to think about how you can stand out among in the virtual high street. We’ll give you a starter for 10…

  1. Store appeal. Your ‘shop window’ is what entices people into your store as they wander along the virtual high street. Make sure its attractive, and appealing.
  2. Profile it. What does your profile picture say? Nothing? Or does it – should it – talk about your new store, letting your fans know of the new
  3. FAQs in place. You won’t always be on hand to answer queries on the shop wall – so anticipate what questions might be asked and put up a list of FAQs to make the process easier.
  4. Offers, offers, offers. Get the ball rolling with exclusive offers and discounts, encourage your fans – and their friends – to buy.
  5. Stay on the wall. Use your status updates to keep your fans and customers involved and engaged by staying at the forefront of their minds – and their homepage.
  6. Don’t go in blind. Test your store! Would you rather you spotted any flaws – or your customers?
  7. Advertise. If your budget permits, consider Facebook ads – they can be targeted directly at your fans, nudging them to make that first purchase. Don’t forget – they already like you!
  8. You talk about it. Use the Facebook icon on all your communications – ezines, newsletters, websites, voicemail, e-signatures…you name it, you talk about it.
  9. They talk about it. Make sure it’s easy for people to leave a recommendation or post an opinion – word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools. Don’t be afraid of negative opinions – it means you have a chance to put right anything that’s gone wrong, and perhaps retain a customer.
  10. Talk to the professionals. Consider investing in a social shopping platform like Gloople, already adopted successfully by a range of businesses. Creating offers and discounts, gaining advocates, enabling reviews and recommendations, going mobile – all available – and simple to use – for even the most technophobe of entrepreneurs.

What are you waiting for?


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