Who’s behind you? Find out your followers with five easy Twitter tools

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It’s always wise to keep a wary eye on who’s following you…and who’s not. Not least when you’re a) writing a blog, and b) on Twitter, because more followers mean more online traffic sent hurtling towards your online musings. However, there’s no need for you to go to the actual trouble of tracking your Twitter followers  – a leader knows how to delegate! And here are five tools that’ll do the job:

Embrace the Karma. Tweeter Karma specialises in bulk actions – such as bulk follow and bulk block (not bulk unfollow though – it used to, but Twitter guidelines don’t allow it anymore).

Keep your friends close…and your followers closer. With Friend or Follow, it’s charmingly simple – just type in your username and it’ll tell you who follows you and who doesn’t – and who follows you that you don’t follow back!

A little spin doctoring…never hurt anyone. TweetSpinner is more advanced. You can manage your direct Tweets, schedule activity and get stuck into some CRM with your followers.

When all else fails, Just Unfollow. Don’t want to bother following people who don’t follow you back? This tool does exactly what it says on the tin, and removes people who don’t reciprocate your following.

Do You Follow me? Does exactly the same as Just Unfollow, but also helps you schedule Tweets.

Happy following…or not!


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