Harnessing the power of Social Media: A little online inspiration

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Sometimes those big ideas just burst into your head unannounced…and sometimes they need a bit of help getting there. The online community is bursting with blue touch paper to get your creative spark going. Here’s a selection of the best blogs from the last few days:

LinkedIn to success

Did you know that a single tech consultant started a global business in iPhone batteries using his contact network on LinkedIn? That there are a staggering 1.3 billion connections on the site, and climbing? And that one new professional joins LinkedIn in less than every second? Was one of them you? If not, find out what you’re missing out on, career and business-wise, in these blogs that tell you everything you need to know about getting LinkedIn.

In the spotlight

Do you want to know how you are scored by your customers? And how a ‘small fry’ customer can suddenly have the impact of a big fish when you factor in their reach in the social media world? One CEO’s account of how he was treated by a range of vendors when sourcing for his SME, makes for fascinating reading and a warning tale for ignoring the impact of social connections, as well as offering advice on how to improve your customers’ experience.

The social evolution of PR

An interesting post on how PR is affected by social media – from using different packages to tell a story and utilising quantitative insights, to the plethora of tools available to the PR professional and integrating SEO in your copy – and how to help your clients navigate the unknown waters of the social media world.

Follow the leader

Explaining B2B social media lead generation, this blog details the ways in which the social media revolution can transform your business. Generating content, SEO integration, facilitating social networking around your product all feature in the condensed synopsis of the new book Social Marketing to the Business Customer by Eric Schwartzman and Paul Gillin.

QR or not QR

As companies like BestBuy begin to pick up on the potential of QR codes, which enables customers of the smartphone generation to ‘self serve’ themselves with almost any given product, this blog takes a look at what the practical experience would look like, and how it can be improved.


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