How Social SEO WILL help YOUR Business

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When discussing Social Media and SEO, most marketing specialists will agree with me when I say they come hand in hand. Combining the two will give you Social SEO which, in my opinion is valuable to any consumer marketing strategy. This article will give you four easy to follow steps to help make your Social SEO matter to your business.

1. Listen & Be Taught

The most important part of this step is to listen to what you social customer has to say. They hold the line between the success and failure of your business- without them it would not survive. Make sure that you dedicate time in your day to listen to what your consumer has to say- your ultimate goal is to increase your ROI.

Google Alert is a great place to start as it gives you the low down on Google and teaches where most conversations are happening.

2. Build Content

When you build content around your business, you want your customers to respond to it in a good way so you have to make sure that it includes a range of; blog posts, videos, eBooks, presentations and even the possibility of Iphone/Ipad applications.

3  &  4.  SEO + Social = Optimise & Socialise

These two steps are combined together to give you one, more important step. For Social SEO to be successful, you need to create greater results in the short-term and long-term by socializing your business. The Optimal way to achieve this is by integrating your social media activities with SEO.

To help start your quest on combining Social SEO with your online marketing, use; Google Instant Results as part of your Social Keyword Research and a slideshow site called SlideShare to help you with your Social Content Marketing.

For a Social SEO marketing strategy to work, you need to consider the Big Picture Process- A three part plan consisting of; Strategy, Leverage and Process. This approach will help create a total, integrated approach to Social Marketing.

Social SEO matters because all businesses are turning to Social Commerce as a way of increasing sales. Combining Social with SEO gives you that extra edge with your online sales and optimising your search engine results!

Is Social SEO important to your business?


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