The 3 Social Media Metrics that Really Matter!

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When you say ‘Social Media Metrics’ to a social media expert, you would expect them to answer with followers, retweets and likes. Are these an influential way of measuring social media? I doubt it. This article will stress the importance of measuring social media and the most effective way to do exactly that.

1.      Conversions

When considering your brand and improving its strength, converting will always be the easier option. It may seem that spending time tweeting the day away will guarantee money but in actual fact, converting is the more successful way of generating money within social media. A brand that doesn’t inspire action won’t be strong for very long e.g. everyone has either heard of or seen the logo for Fred Perry clothing but who really buys the collection anymore?

When you chose to support a brand, make sure there is an accessible link to conversion online or even offline.

2.      Page Views on your Website or Blog.

When considering Brand development, you want your clients to see your brand the way you want it to be seen. A place where you have complete control of your brand is on your website or blog. Having a twitter or facebook account based around your brand may not ultimately draw your target market towards you because you can’t measure the response accurately.

Having people view your website or blog shows they are interested otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked onto your brand page. ‘Re-tweets’ and ‘likes’ have a personal impact but when considering your brand, a page view is more worthwhile.

3.      Opt-Ins

To make your fans part of your brand journey, you need them on your house list and to do this; they must opt-in. As most companies will know that a social networking site has terms and conditions which will state that you do not own the names that you have collected so you need to get them into your environment.

The most important part of opting in is the registration. If people are committing their time to register with you and your brand you know they are interested.

The great thing about promoting a brand through a social network is creating a snowball effect. This is when something begins small and will slowly increase in popularity (we hope this is what will happen with your brand).

You must remember that creating impressions through social media isn’t enough; you need to create sales too.

Is there more to Social Media than Metrics?


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