7 Ways Social Commerce will change in 2011

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560 million Facebookers, around 65 million tweets posted everyday and 2 billion YouTube video hits also everyday is the reason why Social Commerce is part of our everyday life. In 2010 we have hit an all time high with people and their use of Social Media however, it has not finished expanding. In this article I will highlight 7 ways that Social Commerce is likely to change and expand in the fast approaching 2011.

1. The first way that social commerce will be changing for 2011 is that social media will be integrated into most service providers. They will be including social influences like videos, widgets, mobile capabilities, cloud services and analytics with their own exclusive services to bring new opportunities to users in 2011.

2. In 2011, social feedback will play a huge part in decision making. This will help companies in the world of social commerce to build awareness around their marketing plan and test the objectives and strategies with the potential clientele.

3. As expected by most experts, mobile technology will overtake the computer in sales and in popularity. Not only has the mobile technology matched the complexity of the computer, it has outshined it. With creations like Blackberry, Iphone and IPad, people are opting to keep all their business within their handheld technology. Will the computer fight back or has the new Smartphone generation taken over for good?

4. With 2011 fast approaching, social commerce will introduce the video takeover. By this I mean that video footage will be highly accessible via the internet or through a mobile device. Not only will this be time saving but also cost cutting too as we are now aware of the video technology that each handheld device possesses.

5. After a year of discussions and case studies, I can safely say that companies have finally begun to understand how to measure ROI. They have understood that to correctly measure ROI, they need a social media strategist who, is that little bit closer to solving the complicated mystery that is, ROI.

6. Social Commerce will be changing in 2011 to give people the upper hand on the online side of their business. As people are learning new online skills every day, they begin to feel more confident in using those skills to help their business rather than leaving such an important job to an outsider.

7. The seventh and final way that social commerce will be changing in 2011 is through the trading of roles in Social Media. Social media roles nowadays focus on physical, results-driven resources within the establishment’s structure and development. In 2011 Social Media experts will be facing roles such as; piloting latest tools, combining social widgets with analytics, helping to educate the organisation and strategic planning along with many other responsibilities.

These seven changes highlighted above many not be the only modifications made within the Social Commerce community for 2011. Are there more important changes than ROI reliability or handheld devices becoming a popular choice? Only time will tell…


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