Online Marketing in 2011- Are you Prepared?

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2011 is fast approaching and it’s time to correct those mistakes made in 2010 to ensure that your online marketing is ready for success!! It may not be easy and it may not be glamorous but it will prove to be worthwhile. Making these crucial changes in your online marketing now rather than in 2011 may be the difference between success and failure, early preparation is essential. Explained in this article are four things to do before 2011 to help in your preparation to online marketing success;

1.      Finalise your Online Marketing Plan- Make sure that your marketing plan is practical and is accommodating to your busy end of year schedule. For your online marketing plan to be successful, you must make sure that it;

  • Pinpoints your target audience.
  • Establishes your goals.
  • Summarises your resources.
  • Displays an in-depth day to day diary of all your monthly plans.
  • Shows an Online Marketing Policy which allows you to deal with positive and negative feedback.
  • Launch an internet & social media policy to ensure that you are not facing any legal problems when launching your new product.

2.      Get your Website Up and Running- It is important that your website has a good content & management system, focused on your target market and is search engine friendly. To ensure that your website ticks all these boxes you must include these main points;

  • Keep your website full of relevant content e.g. weekly updates
  • Have a RSS feed operating on your website so that people are able to subscribe.
  • Use Google to help your posts gain popularity.
  • Have designs on your website that would be attractive to your target audience.
  • Ensure that your website is accessible through internet sources other than desktop e.g. mobile, iPad, iPod…
  • Good use of key phrases in the important areas of your website.
  • Your download speed is as fast as possible to ensure that your website is being viewed at the highest quality.

3.      Google Analytics – Set up Google Analytics to;

  • Help set targets that work with your online marketing plan.
  • Show progression of your website and whether certain things are a success or failure.
  • Calculate an estimate of your ROI.
  • Have a report set up to show how well your specific online marketing activities are doing.
  • Leave time on your day to day diary so that you can review your Analytics and your online marketing plan.

4.      Categorise your data- Make sure that you data is organised by using a professional CRM or an open source spreadsheet. When arranging your data you must bear in mind these main points;

  • Costs – Which product/service produces the highest ROI?
  • Results – Easily accessible view of your current sales.
  • Contact details to be organised in a professional manner so that you can differentiate between consumers, suppliers, and influential people ECT.
  • Team Management- Making sure your employees are working to a high standard and bringing in the results you need.
  • Project/Time Management- Making sure you are spreading your time equally and that your precious time isn’t being wasted!

Along with the above mentioned, you will also have to consider; campaigns, referral’s, email marketing mailing list, up selling and cross selling opportunities along with Customer & Prospect inter-activity.

It is so important that you get your Online Marketing Plan sorted now so that you don’t find yourself worrying about it next year!

Are you prepared for what 2011 brings for Online Marketing?


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