The 4 Stages to ‘Line of Attack’ for Social Commerce

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When Facebook was first launched in February 2004, its use was based around a social universe where you could keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now, in 2010 social networking sites like Facebook have now been catapulted into the world of Commerce.

Those who are fortunate enough to own a computer will also have a connection to the popular networking sites. The industry now understands that to be successful; they must take their product to where their consumer is most likely to see it – we all know where that is! In the recent months, time and effort has gone into working out how to market and launch social content and resources into offline commerce but most importantly ecommerce.  When selling a product through a website like Twitter or Facebook, the most important thing is to come up with a strategy that will enable you to generate a sale at the point of social;

1.      Be specific in your target audience by using fan pages to bring them into your product.

2.      Be unique with the product you are selling, make sure that it is attractive to your target audience without altering the price.

3.      Use adverts, special offers, questionnaires ECT. to raise awareness and to get your specific clientele interested in your product.

4.      Use a different strategy of marketing to calculate ROI. (Something unseen and unique).

The best way to sell a product through a social networking site is to keep it within that social bubble where the buying, selling and transaction of that product will stay within the walls of that social commerce. Just recently, a company called Bing has just teamed up with Facebook to make search social;

”Starting today, Bing is integrating data from your friends and social network into search results. This could include information on “likes”, reviews, photos and links from your friends into your search experience. “
The Bing/Facebook Alliance – Oct 15, 2010

The question on all of our minds is;

‘Will users actually purchase a product through a social networking site?’

Only time will tell…


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