5 Steps to Growing Your B2B Connections in LinkedIn

5 steps to growing your B2B connections in LinkedIn

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Updating your profile to be consistent with what you are doing now is very important, so I recommend you spend 15 minutes doing this TODAY.

You can do this by opening your account, go to PROFILE then EDIT PROFILE (if you are not sure what to write, look at your colleagues profile of friends to see what they have written). To add applications to your profile click here

Adding a Person to Your Network

You can find them by typing their name into the SEARCH box at the top right of the screen.
Alternatively you can also go onto other individuals profile and find them their.
• STEP 1.
You can invite me to become your connection on LinkedIn. Click here

Click on the link Add Warren to your network which is on the left handside of the screen.
• STEP 2.
You will then be presented with a screen with a few options:

Please choose 1 that is appropriate to how you know this person. IF it asks for an email, please add it. Should it not allow the email address, choose another option.
• STEP 3.
Make the message personal (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT):

Option A

Hi Denis,

As we work together at IPL Centre
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Warren Knight

Option B
Alternatively, if you want to connect with them, as they are part of the same group as you

Hi Denis,

As we are both members of the Property Group, I thought I would introduce myself personally.
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Warren Knight

Its important you do not promote your services to this person at the INVITATION stage.

Join a Group – Why? Watch this Video

• STEP 1.
At the top right of your screen there is a search bar. Click on the drop down box and go to GROUP
• STEP 2.
Type in a subject that is relevant to your business, like “International Property” this has 150 groups.
• STEP 3
Click on the JOIN GROUP Button. Read the details and click JOIN
Some of them will be automatic, other like to accept your invitation, so you will be sent an email once you have been accepted.
• STEP 4
Now you have joined the group, and you can see all the people in the group and the comments people are making, please do the following:

OPTION A (both options are a MUST, but you can decide which one to do each week)

Go through the list of people an ADD THIS PERSON TO YOUR NETWORK

OPTION B (both options are a MUST, but you can decide which one to do each week)

Make a comment on a post that you feel you can add the most value to the person and the people commenting.

i.e. The law is Spain can be very complicated, I would suggest paying for a ******* before engaging with a lawyer.

(by doing this you are giving some great advice but NOT asking them to call you, email you or come to your website) It’s a soft approach to getting a new client

Once you have made this comment, everybody in the discussion can see it and could also potentially become a client just be reading your advice.


Start at your own discussion …This is the most powerful as you can really see who is interested in your topic/question.

It can be any of the following:
• Time relevant to a situation/project/country
• Ask a question for help
• Controversial
• Discuss a current issue that has become a mass problem, not an individual problem
• Share a test case
• Share a free white paper/ebook
• Update on a law change in a specific country

This list can go on and on, I would suggest you spend 10 minutes just looking at what other people are discussing and start your own template of subjects that are important to you and your business.

Make a Recommendation

95% of Social networking is about giving, so give a recommendation to a work colleague or past client and you never know, they just might make a recommendation for you.

Hover over PROFILE at the top of your screen and go down to RECOMMENDATIONS

Click on the person’s name and it will open their profile.
On the right you will see Recommend this person, click here and go through the process.

Please note if the person does not like what you have written, they can ask you to change it before sending live on their profile. They can also decide not to add it to their profile.

Even if you do set it live to you profile, you still have the option not to display it.

Send a Message to Your Contacts – max 50 contacts per message

You have 6 options on how you want to view your contacts to send a message
Tags will give you the ability to tag contacts and design your own Mini-profile.
If you want to send a message to all of your contacts (if you have more than 50), save a copy of the message and use it as a template for future messages.

Start a Group

IPL Centre

The goal is to GROW your linkedIn group specifically to:

• Provide value via information;
• Post very frequently;
• Add links to articles, blogs, statistics, research, etc, so people recognize your group as a source for industry updates;
• Make the content extremely relevant; this is great especially if you are in a niche market / position;
• Invite influencers to the group and help them post and add value;
• Recruit some industry specialists as ‘frequent posters’ as volunteers: they will get market exposure and leads in exchange;
• Facilitate conversations and interaction where needed;
• Add value to conversations;
• Promote the group on Li and other social media groups;
• Promote the group with your direct connections;
• Ask your members to promote the group (your connections would find joining the group beneficial. etc.)
• Promote the group in your profile and in your email stamp
• Promote the group on your website
• Promote an open dialogue;
• Keep spam and low quality contents under control if they become an issue

It can be time consuming but very rewarding.

Important: Stay Consistent
Is LinkedIn going to get you a new client overnight?

Maybe not straight away but it will happen. It is a fantastic resource for making new contacts, maintaining an online contacts and analysing/assessing other companies.
Do you need to be on the site everyday? No.
Check in once or twice a week to answer a question, write a recommendation or make a new contact. The long-term benefits will be worth it.


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