Internet Retailer: Top 500 in the USA (2009)

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The latest edition of the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide is now available, which lists out the strongest US online merchants according to revenue. For the first time, the complete list is available online:

The Internet remains the retailing industry’s only growth area. Last year total e-commerce sales increased 2% to $134.9 billion from $132.3 billion in 2008 while total retail sales declined year over year by nearly 3% to $2.07 trillion from $2.13 trillion, the U.S. Department of Commerce reports.”

The central findings from this year’s ranking are as follows:

  • The Top 500 retailers’ sales grew 8.7% to $126.38 billion in 2009 from $116.28 billion in 2008.
  • Web sales now account for 6.5% of retail sales, up from 6.2% in 2008.
  • The Top 100 grew 9.1% and the smallest 100 grew 2%, further evidence that big online retailers are taking market share.

As expected, Amazon is leading the rankings with annual revenues of $24.51 billion.

In total, there are hardly any surprises in the upper echelon. In comparison to last year, only Walmart appears as a newcomer amongst the Top 10. Nonetheless, with $4.24 billion of online revenue (+17%), Apple was able to jump ahead to 4th place.

Also making upward moves on the list are the American private shopping clubs. Three were able to move to upper-middle rank:

Woot! takes the 176th place due to the publisher’s very conservative estimate of $71.6 million (+25%). Readers of Exciting Commerce or Inc. Magazine know that the real value must lie much higher.

For anyone who wants to dig through the statistics, here is the complete list of all Top 500 retailers along with their online revenues. Previously, only the Top 10 had been available free of charge.

Originally posted in German by Stephan Meixner, adapted for by Jason Soo.

Warren Knight thanks Jochen Krisch


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