Protect your Name across Hundreds of Social Media Sites

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You run a small business and you have worked very hard to get where you are today.

You have built up fantastic relationships with clients, other businesses and customers.. and are all too aware of who your competitors are.

You’ve also got an online presence in the form of a website that proudly displays your brand and logo.

But how much thought have you given in regard to protecting your name or brand online? is a service that allows users and businesses to claim their name and protect their brand across hundreds of social media sites and networks.

Why should you claim your name?

Brand Protection

Claiming your name and other high value keywords on the most popular social networks prevents your brand from being hijacked and helps ensure that you own and control your presence online.

Don’t wait until someone else claims your name and it’s too late.

Search Engine Visibility

Increasing the number of inbound links (other sites that point to your website) is one of the most effective ways to increase your visibility on major search engines.

When you claim you name across 300 social networks, each account that is created for you becomes a site that points back to your website.

Brand Exposure goes beyond protecting your brand. A rich presence is established on each social network that includes your brand’s messaging, logo and a link back to your primary website.

How it Works

Who Needs

Basically, any individual or business with a reputation worth protecting.


  • Commercial brands
  • Politicians
  • Sports players
  • Businesses
  • Agencies
  • Celebrities
  • Product names
  • Books
  • Trade marks
  • Non-profits
  • Universities
  • Bloggers

Invest in your business and protect your brand with

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